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Hello world! The logical end-point of distribution and federation is a personal instance. This is my Mastodon instance.

Si l'on construisait nos maisons comme on aménage nos villes :

dank @jan voor je input de afgelopen dagen: Het fietst!

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With some helpful pointers from others, I now rewrote my Micropub client to talk JSON to my WordPress site. And it works! Next step is turning it into a personal tool, tailored to my own specific uses.

Posted my last Instagram post yesterday. I’m deleting my Instagram account on Monday. After a period of time where I was scared it might cost me some freelance work, I finally made the decision. I don’t agree with the system, the company behind it. I don’t want to contribute to it anymore. I don’t want to post my work on it anymore. I’m done. Grateful to all the people that followed my work on it, sometimes even bought something in my shop. But it's time to move on.

@wouter dank voor je reactie op mijn blogpost mbt een boek schrijven. Kom ik nog op terug, maar kan aantal dagen duren. Ben wel nog benieuwd in hoeverre de titel de provocatie is. Als het 'Why I won't be writing a book' of 'What would convince me to write a book?' of 'Why do I abhor the idea of writing a book?' had geheten, was je reactie dan anders geweest? Mijn huis staat vol met allerhande non-fictie, terwijl het idee er zelf een te schrijven me diep tegenstaat.

I find that I feel writing a non-fiction subject oriented book is nonsense. I feel a strong aversion to the idea of writing a non-fiction book, as people have suggested to me occasionly since university.

@jan Jan, vraag, als ik een op mij toegesneden micropubclient wil maken (om lokaal op laptop te draaien) die naar mijn Wordpress micropub endpoint post: waar kan ik voorbeelden vinden hoe zo'n call er uit moet zien precies. Omdat ik mijn blog ken wil ik in eerste instantie post calls direct genereren en met een bearer token versturen. Waar begin ik? Tips?

J'ai jamais trop aimé les panneaux « Voisins Vigilants ». Là je découvre l'article de StreetPress qui raconte l'envers du décor ( )

Alors j'ai créé des panneaux « Voisins bienveillants » à télécharger ici →

Interessanter Artikel:

Lilith Wittmann auf Twitter: "Bundesservice Telekommunikation - wie ich versehentlich eine Tarnbehörde (eines Geheimdienstes) in der Bundesverwaltung fand." / Twitter

The Sentinel 1-B satellite, a key part of the Copernicus programme and open earth observation data, is having trouble since 23 December. There seems to be an issue with power supply for the radar operations.

That the violence in Kazakhstan and internet blackout knocks out 15% of BTC mining is ample proof that it being decentralised is false. It's just not centralised with the incumbent institutions. We've known this for years

Wordle 203 3/6


Ok, had to try after seeing everyone else post something like this from Wordle 201 6/6


Pretty cool it only allows one game per day. Unless you delete cookies I assume.

Federate Bookshelves: After tinkering with some php I now have a way to create OPML lists of my books directly from individual book notes in my Obsidian notes.

Liebes #Fediverse !
Ich möchte meinen ganzen Fotokollegen gerne zeigen, dass das #fediverse eine mögliche Alternative zu den mainstream Diensten darstellt, für Künstler geeignet ist und Bilder es durchaus schaffen von vielen Menschen gesehen zu werden! Helft mir doch dabei und gibt diesem Beitrag einen #boost.

#fotografie #mastoart #support #photography

Happy Public Domain Day! It's one of my favorite holidays.

Creating a cultural legacy is a collective action. Public Domain places cultural entities in the hands of those who helped establish their relevance through their love, admiration, and support.

Hey #Fediverse.
Ich möchte gerne meine eigenen Tools als alternativen zu den Anbietern #Google, #Youtube, #Twitter usw. auf einem eigenen Server laufen lassen.
Also #Searx, #Invidious, #Nitter etc.
Das ganze vielleicht mit #Yunohost.
Was für einen #Server soll ich da ins Auge fassen? #Dedicated, #Cloud oder #Manged 🤔 Habe mal die Angebote bei Hetzner studiert und bin von der Auswahl etwas überfordert...
Auf was muss ich achten - im Hinblick auf das Anwendungsszenario?

Every year I write the Tadaa! list, a list of things that gave me a sense of accomplishment. To prevent just moving ever onwards, withouth acknowledging to myself things that got done.

Before you buy that e-book from Amazon, do yourself a favor and see if the publisher has a website with direct sales.

I've found a number of books that I was interested in DRM-free, in EPUB format, and sometimes at a discounted price, just by poking around a little.

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