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Hello world! The logical end-point of distribution and federation is a personal instance. This is my Mastodon instance.

As of our last all hands meeting we have moved our company to using NextCloud on a server in a German data center. This is the second major step in improving on our information hygiene in the company, after adopting RocketChat and leaving Slack.
I had created the cloud already last May, but we had not transitioned everyone in the company and all our work. That transition has now been made.

Your privacy is *very* important to us.

Not quite as important as us having all your data. But pretty important. On a scale of one to ten, your privacy ranks a solid four.

You can rest assured that - after we've scanned and processed and extracted every last bit of commercial advantage out of your data - the bitter, tarry residue left gumming up the cogs of our machine will be treated in full compliance with the best privacy legislation laundered money can buy.

And that's a promise.


Uh, so apparently they restored the Ghent Altarpiece and


A vulnerability in Citrix software is causing traffic jams in Netherlands: with remote access to gov Ministries shut down, all their ppl have to come into the office this morning.

Prompted by @laura / @laurakalbag post "I don't track you", I looked at what I need to do about embedded content to make that a true statement for my own blog.

Just in case you missed our big announcement yesterday. We celebrated 10 years of this awesome project and community. 🎉 With Nextcloud Hub we add many great features and reach a new level of integration to improve your productivity. #Nextcloud

(Onderzoeks)journalisten schrijf je in voor datajournalistiek progr Data als Kans april-mei met @beeldengeluid @bellingcat @localfocusnl Want ik wil veel meer journalistiek en veel minder nieuws

Today's 1st goal: working with SIDN on an alternative to Google Analytics

The Norwegian Consumer Council has published an aptly named report on the online advertising industry: Out of Control.

Made a small php snippet that gives E the day number of today, which she uses to number some of her postings. Even if it basically is just a single php date function , it is somehow very satisfying to create these tiny tools (like the earlier one creating the right html encoding for that code snippet).

The first week of 2020 was one of vacationing. We left Tuesday morning for Switzerland visiting dear friends for New Year's Eve, and spending a few relaxed days. Three former roommates live there, and we all go back 30 years. We returned home on Saturday. I did some invoicing and prepared a laptop for our new colleague who starts coming Monday. We removed the Christmas tree from the living room, and it's now in the garde

The new Depot of the Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam is becoming an amazing building.
I visited the ThingsCon conference recently in the Nieuwe Instituut across the road from the building site of the depot. Walking towards it I saw the entire Rotterdam skyline with high rises reflected in the building. They've only recently added the mirrors to the facade. In the end, the building will have trees o

This image to me says much about the Netherlands. Taken while strolling through Amersfoort city center December 27th, Lieve Vrouwestraat 4.

Noticing some very odd behaviour on my WordPress blog. I use the Mastodon Autopost plugin, and I use the Category Excluder plugin. I have one category that only publishes to RSS. To post something to Mastodon I must check a box in my edit screen. Yet if I publish something to the RSS only category, it also ends up on Mastodon, despite the checkbox not being selected. (I'm marking this posting both for that RSS only category and Mas

The final full week of the year. I didn't work (although not entirely). Most other people had time off as well, judging by the extremely low number of e-mails in the past few days. Still, I

Wrote my end-of-year Tadaa posting
Spent Christmas with E's parents, to Y's delight
Looked at next year's plans, and Q1's planning, efforts and goals
Cleared my desk, fulfilling the one good intention I hadn't gotten aroun

Im neuen Jahr gibt es in Luxemburg ein Geschenk: Genau 61 Tage nach dem Jahreswechsel wird der öffentliche Personennahverkehr im gesamten Großherzogtum kostenlos. Vom 1. März 2020 an ist Luxemburg das erste Land der Welt, in dem man für Busse und Bahnen keine Fahrkarten mehr braucht.

Nur 1. Klasse kostet etwas.

Erstes Land der Welt macht Bahn und Bus kostenlos

Donations to are matched 2-to-1 these days. A good time to donate to keep the history of the internet (and software before) alive.

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