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Hello world! The logical end-point of distribution and federation is a personal instance. This is my Mastodon instance.

Amazon has been fined about 1 day of turnover for adtech being in fundamental conflict with the GDPR. Their public reaction refuses to acknowledge Amazon understands the GDPR by saying 'but there wasn't a data breach!' As if their own conduct can't be reason enough.

De overheid overlegt stiekem met Rusland over gas en deelt die informatie vervolgens niet met de Kamer. Rutte ontkent dat er afspraken zijn gemaakt, maar uit documenten blijkt het tegendeel.


Psst, Yorianne, internet, je weet wel dat waar je deze complotfantasie deelt, is ook in het begin gefinancierd en ontwikkeld door DARPA. Zet gauw je router uit. De grafische user interface, en súperverdacht, de muis, ook met geld van DARPA ontwikkeld. Gauw je computer de deur uit! En vooral geen navigatie aanzetten ondanks dat je zo duidelijk verdwaald bent, want GPS, hate to break it to you, da's ook door DARPA ontwikkeld

Achtung: hier spricht die Bundesregierung. A SMS by the German federal government welcoming me to their turf. Nice, they should keep doing that even after Covid... :D

Tja Jan, wie jarenlang een bepaald toontje zaait, of een nationaal referendum als het betere trolling ziet, oogst daarna ook.

Amnesty International hat ein Toolkit bereitgestellt, mit dem man Spuren von Spyware, insbesondere #Pegasus, auf dem eigenen iPhone oder Android Telefonen finden kann.

📢 BREAKING: Austrian Supreme Court asks CJEU if Facebook "undermines" the GDPR by confusing 'consent' with an alleged 'contract'.
If so, they would not only have to stop processing data, but also pay damages to millions!
More here:

A proposed range of EU acts on data and digitisation translates a geopolitical position into law, where data use, AI & digitisation benefits are tied to citizen rights and societal effects. A summary.

Gibt es eigentlich Ressourcen, die einem das Organisieren von Tagesabläufen beibringen. So aus der Neurodiversen Ecke? Nein, brauche keine Empfehlung welcher tolle Taskwarrior-Fork mit i3bar integration und auf Arch ganz toll sein soll, weil in rust geschrieben. Suche da nach Strategien.


Is there a way to commit stuff from a local folder using GitHub Desktop to a GitHub repository that is not under my account but that I do have admin privileges for? If I try it now, it pushes to a repository under my own account. (The use case here is that a client publishes documentation on github pages using Respec, which in turn uses markdown files. I am the editor for part of this documentation and would like to maintain

Auch das Browser-Add-on »DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials« für Firefox entfernt den Tracking-Schutz bei diversen Seiten wie (Spiegel Online).

#Firefox #Datenschutz #DuckDuckGo @DuckDuckGo

Hey HAM enthusiasts, I'm looking for my first mobile radio (to toss in the Suburban). I checked with my local radio club and received some pretty diverse opinions ranging from "grab a cheap one for your first one" up to snagging an ICOM ID-5100A w/ DSTAR so I can avoid upgrading, later. I also need to make sure this is "wife-approved" so, the budget has to be reasonable.

I wanted to see if my Mastodon Family had any suggestions.

#hamradio #amateurradio #askfedi

“[Gebru]’s been thinking back to conversations she’d had with a friend who warned her not to join Google, saying it was harmful to women and impossible to change. Gebru had disagreed, claiming she could nudge things, just a little, toward a more beneficial path. ‘I kept on arguing with her,’ Gebru says. Now, she says, she concedes the point.”

The new Kindle highlights plugin reduces a source of friction by automatically syncing highlights to a templated note for each book in Obsidian, including links back to the specific spot in the book.

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