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Hello world! The logical end-point of distribution and federation is a personal instance. This is my Mastodon instance.

Only about 27 hours left to finish your #35C3 lecture submission for the Chaos Communication Congress, CCCโ€™s annual symposium and hacker party:ย โ€ฆ Around 300 submissions have arrived so far.

@frank hoor net van de organisator dat er komende weekend 30 mensen op het zijn. Klinkt goed!

If you're interested in self-hosting online services for yourself, your family or your community, there are a number of projects on the Fediverse trying to make it easier:




You don't need an expensive server, cheap machines such as old desktops/laptops and single-board computers (such as the #RaspberryPi) will work too.

#SelfHosting #CommunityHosting

Disintegration of Discourse and Decentralised Tools

Weโ€™re in a time where whatever is presented to us as discourse on Facebook, Twitter or any of the other platforms out there, may or may not come from humans, bots, or someone/a group with a specific agenda irrespective of what you say or respond. Weโ€™ve seen it at the political level, with outside influences [โ€ฆ]

Kenyaโ€™s Mobile Economy

During his keynote at the Partos Innovation Festival Kenyan designer Mark Kamau mentioned that โ€œ45% of Kenyaโ€™s GDP was mobile.โ€ That is an impressive statistic, so I wondered if I could verify it. With some public and open data, it was easy to follow up. World Bank data pegs Kenyaโ€™s GDP in 2016 at some [โ€ฆ]

Rijkswachter Nr 7496

Today I bought this little wooden robot. Itโ€™s a Rijkswachter, or State Guard. It derives its name from the source of the wood it is made from. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was closed ten years, from 2003 to 2013, for reconstruction. In that period all objects and art that had been on display were kept [โ€ฆ]

Great article from @jasonpjason on decentralising the internet and the successes and failures of federation. Suggests some new approaches and some policy support (but not a StateBook) are needed for decentralisation that actually empowers. Platform coops play a role. We need counterantidisintermediation to prevent platform lock-in. I think the 'centralised services win (partly) through better UX' argument needs examining though.

IndieWebCamp Potential List of Things to Do

In just over a week I will be joining the Nuremberg IndieWebCamp, together with Frank Meeuwsen. As I said earlier, like Frank, Iโ€™m wondering what I could be working on, talking about, or sharing at the event. Especially as the event is set up to not just talk but also build things. So I went [โ€ฆ]

My two (enormous) stories about how companies turn you and your data into cash, and how to stop them, are both out today! You can read them for free!

Happy that I was able to work in shout-outs to #Mastodon and @pixelfed

Over iets meer dan een week zit ik in de trein naar Nuremberg voor IndieWebCamp. Wat ga ik daar doen? Daar ga ik eens over denken.

Suggestion for Mastodon (to prevent eventual gMastodon instance): cap instance size at 100 - 1,000 account by default. Make it a social contract for instances not to federate with instances greater than that limit.

Or, a few years from now, say hello to โ€œgMastodonโ€. (See history of email and the Web for a lesson in the future.)

That said, we might already be on that path.

#economiesOfScale #networkEffects #powerDifferentials #ventureCapital

So, I'm looking for resources to help me to set up local WP development in Docker on Ubuntu.

There's much info around, all I need is a guide that introduces the basics, with examples on how to set up a dev site with a local mapped url (mysite.test)

Help is appreciated, thanks!

@slackz Organising on Facebook is handing a nicely formatted list of all activists, all their contacts, friends and family, their 24/7 location data, browsing history, and a list of how to manipulate them to the authorities.

It doesn't matter how many people are there, it's not worth it.

If people truly care about an issue they'll go to the extreme inconvenience of typing a different URL into their browser to visit a safer site with less surveillance built in.

This morning I attended the first board meeting of Open Nederland, the membership organisation that forms the Creative Commons Chapter Netherlands. I was elected as treasurer last month. As a first meeting we spent most time on discussing our ideas for how we want to help shape this newly created organisation.

First board meeting of Open Nederland / Creative Commons chapter Netherlands this morning.

1. Self-driving cars are claimed to be ready for the roads right now

2. The most reliable way to prove you are human online is to select regions of an image that contain a stop sign.

-- Nick M

@dajbelshaw hi Doug! Good to connect here. Jeroen de Boer of Frysklab keeps saying we should meet each other.....

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