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This article, found via Alper, about the work on ethics by MIT highlights various worrisome perspectives. Whether it is in avoiding regulation, the lobbying, its leadership, or the focus on a specific take that supports a current bigtech development but ignores the wider context. The latter, when it is about (G's) self driving cars is a glaring example. Because of it I've been sceptical of MIT's work on ethics for at least five years.

De Basisregistratie WOZ wil geen basisregistratie zijn. Per uitvoeringsbesluit wordt de toegang tot de WOZ waarden sterk ingeperkt. Overheden die eigenlijk verplicht zijn het te gebruiken wordt toegang geweigerd.

UN Special Procedures

πŸ‡³πŸ‡± #Netherlands: Landmark ruling by Dutch court stops government attempts to spy on the poor with fraud detection tool #SyRI, @Alston_UNSR says "this decision sets a strong legal precedent for other courts to follow".


After 'winning' the Big Brother awards of Bits of Freedom, SyRI (System for Risk Indication) is now ruled unlawful. Article 8 (on privacy) of the European Convention of Human Rights has overruled the lawful basis for SyRI.

Judgement: "The fair balance criterion of the ECHR is not met."

And: The lawful basis for using SyRI is not transparent enough, and does not allow for adequate monitoring.

English article:


Rechter verklaart SyRI disproportionele aantasting van privacy. Niet deel van de zaak of oordeel: het werkt ook niet. Kortom voorbeeld van hoe en algoritmes niet moeten.


European tech companies speak out against cross border access to data by law enforcement without judicial safeguards, proposed by the EU #eEvidence regulation.




"Thanks for all the fish" must be for the first time becoming a prediction. In 28 minutes at .

It's Data Protection Day! A good day to report a company to your local data protection authority for not complying with the GDPR.

Bekeek toevallig de page source van de NRC site en vond een oproep voor ontwikkelaars. Is het nou grappig, of triest dat niemand anders dan technici geacht worden ooit view source te doen.

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

Cory Doctorow formulates something that I think can go onto every list of principles organisations I work with formulate for smart cities, as well as the many data ethics discussions I sit in on.

Don't track people, help people track the environment to feed their decisions. This flipping of perpective fits with what I posted yesterday about Peter Bihr's approach to sm

As of our last all hands meeting we have moved our company to using NextCloud on a server in a German data center. This is the second major step in improving on our information hygiene in the company, after adopting RocketChat and leaving Slack.
I had created the cloud already last May, but we had not transitioned everyone in the company and all our work. That transition has now been made.

Your privacy is *very* important to us.

Not quite as important as us having all your data. But pretty important. On a scale of one to ten, your privacy ranks a solid four.

You can rest assured that - after we've scanned and processed and extracted every last bit of commercial advantage out of your data - the bitter, tarry residue left gumming up the cogs of our machine will be treated in full compliance with the best privacy legislation laundered money can buy.

And that's a promise.


Uh, so apparently they restored the Ghent Altarpiece and


A vulnerability in Citrix software is causing traffic jams in Netherlands: with remote access to gov Ministries shut down, all their ppl have to come into the office this morning.

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