Hello world! The logical end-point of distribution and federation is a personal instance. This is my Mastodon instance.

@ton Hi there! Great to see you on your own instance! Looking forward to read about your journey.

@ton That’s excellent, Ton, I really should look into doing this myself, but our server is completely command-line-driven!

@ton Hello Ton, welcome to the wonderful world of Mastodon

@Downes hello Stephen! Thank you!. Had been here for a while (apr 17), but this week started running my own 1-person instance.

@ton Hello! What's curating your own federation been like? Any lessons learned?

@grimmware As 1 person instance curating my feed fully overlaps with admin'ng. I check what instances big ones ban. But usually no issue, a small instance isn't a target. Discovery is the main diff:
I never use or look at Local or Global timelines (as local is me, global the ppl I follow), only home and alerts column visible. All discovery is by triangulation (followers of followers, users of tags used by followers), and through mentions by people I know. Just like on the early social tools.

@ton Nice, I'm looking at setting up a self hosted Pleroma in my copious amounts of spare time (lolz) so I was curious as to what the experience was like - roughly as I expected and hoped!

Thanks for sharing! :)

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