Hello world! The logical end-point of distribution and federation is a personal instance. This is my Mastodon instance.

@ton Hi there! Great to see you on your own instance! Looking forward to read about your journey.

@ton That’s excellent, Ton, I really should look into doing this myself, but our server is completely command-line-driven!

@ton Hello Ton, welcome to the wonderful world of Mastodon

@ton Hello! What's curating your own federation been like? Any lessons learned?

@ton I felt like I got burned by how bad federation ended up being with Identica back in the mid 00s so since then I do try to make sure I can make my own instance, as sort of a litmus test on the protocol, but I am really happy when I see a bunch of people share an instance because it feels more efficient and cooperative.

@Sandra True, I think the actual unit of agency here is a group, preferably a pre-existing group in a specific context. It's just that the current distribution of instances is not distributed at all but highly centralised in a handful of instances which imo makes things worse compared to e.g. bigtech in terms of knowing who you're dealing with moderator wise. A properly distributed situation means lots of small and individiual instances (my blog could be an instance e.g.)

@ton On the flip side, over time some moderator teams could earn trust and respect. When people from an individual instance engage, people never really know if they're gonna be cool. It's essentially an unmoderated individual at that point.
@ton I invited four friends to join me on this instance (even though Idiomdrottning is my own art moniker), all of whom I know IRL, and one noped out after one glance at Fedi, two stayed for a few months, and one is still here after two years. I think was great to have a handful of people on here, they could help me report issues.

Just yesterday, I was talking about @ton in terms of using for a ground-up approach to contact management. A followup to my #Eductive blogpost (in French) about #KnowledgeManagement.

I am running my instance (Hubzilla, not mastodon) too and it indeed is good to have a lot of people doing that. It does need a bit more knowledge and insight to be honest.
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