@ton Just think about the final text. All the WebSub Hubs will be illegal and there is no definition of a "SILO" in the final law. You will have the same responsibilities than the platforms now. You will have to filter. That was the reason why the EU council wanted to hear the indieweb.

However … If you make money with your page you need to filter. This is why we had built a charitable foundation and it just makes going indie much more complicated. Also read the doubt of the ActivityPub people

My interest in Solid (https://solid.mit.edu/) stems from this very fact: Solid isn't simply a recapitulation of centralized networks, it's an entirely new metaphor for decentralization. Unfortunately the learning curve to installing and using it, to say nothing of the learning curve for understanding the new metaphor, is very steep. Once you "get it," it's amazing and you wonder why we don't run things this way all the time. But until that point it's mired in a mystery. Which explains, to some degree, the success of systems like Mastodon, which have succeeded *because* they can be pitched as "better Twitter."
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