As of our last all hands meeting we have moved our company to using NextCloud on a server in a German data center. This is the second major step in improving on our information hygiene in the company, after adopting RocketChat and leaving Slack.
I had created the cloud already last May, but we had not transitioned everyone in the company and all our work. That transition has now been made.

just FYI following 36c3 :
In 9 days is OFFDEM
and Fediverse Summer Conf is in September in Barclona,

Inspiring. Thanks for this.
Can you share 'the information hygiene ladder' you mentioned?

@ironic yes, at you see a rough ladder of 9 levels of intensity, and then there's a few dimensions for each of those levels (individual or org level, technical or behaviour, and laptop or mobile) It's just a structure as thinking aid, there's no academic rigour involved in defining the levels/distinctions.

@ironic for our org, only the first 5 or so levels are of interest, with 6 and 7 relevant for just a few of us.

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