I finally imported my amazon purchase history into my own database so I can search for past purchases by amount, which it turns out is a key component to how I do my accounting.

Previously I was searching my email for amounts then clicking thru to see the order details because amazon stopped including them in the email. So much less clicking now!

@aaronpk did you export it from amazon somehow, or grabbed it from your email archive? If exported from Amazon, how?

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@ton Go to "Your Account" and "Download order reports". Also this link might work: https://www.amazon.com/gp/b2b/reports

@aaronpk oddly enough that csv export option only exists in my US amazon account, not in my Dutch amazon account. In the US it also only contains physical books, not e-books

@aaronpk that last bit likely because I migrated my e-books into the Dutch amazon store account.

@ton Well that's strange. I wonder if GDPR has something to do with that.

@aaronpk I wouldn't know how gdpr would influence that, on the contrary. The overview list is there just not an export option as in the us site. Gdpr actually requires the option of downloading ones data

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