It seems to me laptops with Linux pre-installed come with large-ish (15'' and up) screen sizes most of the time. Is there a tech reason for that? Or is it the assumption those who use Linux will use the laptop mostly as desktop, and not for mobility? I'm not dragging anything above 13'' with me in a bag.

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You do get smaller models, but often they are way too expensive. Dell will preload ubuntu onto their latitudes but only if you ask extremely nicely and have a business Dell account. Libretrend had a nice portable model but sadly are not going to be producing anymore. Perhaps the Pinebook?

@onepict thanks! Do you know if there's a reason for that price diff? Might just be volume of numbers?

Not sure, Dell does the XPS but it's very expensive. I suspect they feel that it's a niche market wanting a powerful small machine. You have to consider hardware support for Linux but other than that I'm not sure why. You could buy a small factor windows laptop but then you need to consider the driver support for Linux. You can get small Linux laptops but until they build a market they will be more expensive. Short answer :if you want their business to grow you need to buy their hardware.

My guess: mostly not a tech reason.
What you define as portable (<13") may not be everyone's. I find 13" too small, but 15" too large (although it would probably fit in my backpack), so I have a 14" one. I'd have gone for 15" is that would be my only computer.
Given the (relative) low demand for Linux laptops, my guess is that 15" has the largest potential demand.

Higher price likely because components are more expensive with Linux drivers and ppl are willing to pay for Linux support OOTB

@ton personally small devices are more for consumption while larger ones allow for comfortable producing. Maybe that is true for more people. And linux people might be more makers than consumers. I have zero proof to back thus 😇

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