@stevelord I read your words "Global demand for online amateur radio exams far outstrips supply." in your Substack interview Am wondering if you have any pointers for that, are there stats out there somewhere on it? Cheers!

@ton Not so much stats, it's come from discussions with RSGB members in the UK (where I'm licenced), ARRL and IRTS members in the US and Ireland in various spaces on-air and online.

There's a seriously reduced exam supply, some orgs are doing online only exams (e.g. RSGB) but are still training invigilators. Others aren't (e.g. IRTS). There has been a significant uptick in lower-end exam applications for RSGB and ARRL according to people I've spoken to but supply is really constrained.

@ton Essex Ham run a foundation course said they've had a bit of a bumper year, can't remember where that was though.

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