@ton Just sharing another tool I came across, as I know you had mentioned looking for an open-source tool similar to Obsidian. This one appears interesting as it still keeps some hierarchy and folder structure as well, and I noticed here you mention a hierarchical structure.


Quite interesting this seeming Cambrian explosion of tools for thought right now...

@neil @ton thanks Neil, hadn’t seen this either.

It comes bundled with a Jekyll theme which Foam does not, which is good.

The note references are super custom and won’t really be portable. I have the same issue with my custom Jekyll theme.

A more common interchange format is really needed for these systems. They are quickly turning into silos.


@bmann @neil yeah it's why I try to avoid a lot of features wrt naming, auto tagging and auto creating notes and do them myself. While they aim to reduce friction they force someone else's thinking on me. It is more importantly moving the tool away from being just a viewer/editor on my data thus causing functionality lock-in. I would welcome more viewing functionality but not wrt making and naming notes

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