I'll redraft this:

Do you people find that internet is actually a good tool to make new friends? I find it very hard, at the best it creates good acquaintances, but without a beer irl or a walk in the park... I don't know

Teach me, if you have this wisdom!

@arteteco I find that distinction artificial. For me it's always both on and offline. I have started spending more time meeting people f2f after connecting online. The core of my professional peer network and friends made after univ is from online meetings 2002-2005 catalysed by seeking them out on conferences

@ton I hear ya. Do you reckon that you can really be friend with someone you have never-ever met in real life? I find that really hard, for how my mind and heart work... but maybe I should just train myself to that


@arteteco I think that 'text and online only' really isn't all that realistic a scenario anymore, unlike in the late 80s when my online interaction was usenet and telnet chat sessions. Although text based things like blogs over man years do by neccisity give a full picture of someone ( zylstra.org/blog/2020/08/your- ). So no, I don't have made friends fully online, but yes my international network of dear friends did start out online, and then we made efforts to meet, collaborate etc over many years

@ton I hear what you say. I may start online, and then go for meeting in person, at least a few times to pur things into a better perspective.

Thanks mate, this helped!

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