Matching my ideal feed reader functionalities with IndieWeb components, to see if that shows a potential path to creating it, or remixing it from building blocks others created.

@ton other than being formatted in micro formats, it’s not clear to me what microsub gets us over RSS.

I do think micropub integration is key: curation & comments posted to your own space right from your reading practice.

I suggested this pattern for comments here

@bmann for me key thing in microsub is it separates feedfetching the feedreading, so that I can point different microsub clients to the same collection of fetched postings on the microsub server (e.g. for each device its own preferred client / viewer). Or point the same client to a diff server. 2nd interest is that the microsub server, afaik, processes differently formatted feeds where there's no RSS, e.g. h-feed, or a chunk of json api output, and pass it on to the client as if no difference

@ton hmm. Ok. I don’t think of those as a spec, but rather just different design choices for a reader.

While I like lots of IndieWeb, and am very happy to see micropub being actively adopted, the actual code being written is few & far between, and mostly personal prototypes.

So, I think actually writing full apps is most important. We have enough specs.

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