A few notes after reading @lukas posting on personal CRM: Personal CRM as a Not-LinkedIn, the CRM notes I keep are centered on remembering context.

@ton @lukas LinkedIn used to have a feature for personal notes too. Not sure where it went nor whether they still have the (for me) valuable data I entered there.

I now follow a similar technique as you do in org-roam and I'm very glad the data is mine. Because I am in control, the notes are now also more structured and they integrate better in other tools I use within this ecosystem.

A connection to a personal (linked data) database could bridge across apps.

@madnificent Wow, I've been on LinkedIn since '05 and never noticed. Googling I see it seems to be part of the premium features since 2017 and was removed from the free features. I also find no mention of that functionality before 2013/4 when LinkedIn Contacts was announced. Whereas on Xing it has always been very visible, right there when you connect to someone.

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