I have now completed the migration of my 11 years of evernote archives into markdown and Obsidian (in a separate vault, to keep my current notes uncluttered). Joplin was an enormous help in transforming ENEX into markdown, even if it required a few fixes to prevent import going wrong.


@ton This is the first time I heard about #ObsidianMd . I've heard people raving about #Joplin, but if Obsidian is a flat pile of markdown and Joplin uses SQLite, then Obsidian sounds more like the thing for me.

@clacke Last fall I documented how after 100 days I used Obsidian for my personal knowledge management in a series of 6 blogposts starting here: zylstra.org/blog/2020/10/100-d


@clacke Obsidian isn't open source, but has a growing community of plugin builders etc. There's a promising open source alternative called Foam, built on VS code, but it seems a work in progress still mostly.

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@clacke I am ok with it not being open source precisely because it is just a viewer on top of my files. No lock in and can simultaneously work on the files w other os apps. Better imo than an os tool w sqlite i can't use outside of the app. Try Foam for a bit, which is os .

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