Nice! The Obsidian Android mobile app is now available in private beta. Installed in on my android tablet and phone. Looking forward to exploring the mobile app in the coming days.

@ton Interesting as I use Obsidian on my work machine to build a knowledge base, but I wondered...why shouldn't it work with Nextcloud's sync? Do you mean it's not supported by the Obsidian app?
What keeps you from just syncing the Obsidian folder and accessing the synced folder on the Android device?

@totoroot it is a nextcloud issue. Nextcloud for android allows accessing files in your cloud, but not two way syncing of a local folder to a folder in your cloud like it does on desktop.

@totoroot if that has changed and i am mistaken then that would be most welcome news

@ton No, I'm afraid that's still true and perhaps for this task #syncthing ( would be an obvious choice but I get that you want it to integrate with #Nextcloud
However I think I will take a closer look at #qownnotes ( since it syncs with Nextcloud Notes over #WebDAV and I wouldn't have to convert any of my markdown notes...
Also compared to #Obsidian it is much less bloated which is another reason to switch. Also Obsidian's not truly FLOSS

@totoroot Obsidian isn't floss no, but I'm ok for now as it is just a viewer on my md files. There's also Foam, built on VS code, which itself is FLOSS, though VS code isn't completely. Taking a quick look at Qownnotes, it seems it doesn't support linking between notes? That's a must have for me.


This is a primary reason for me to setup Gitea so I can sync via git between devices running Obsidian. I am a funder, so I look forward to Android app access soon.

@ScottMortimer also have Obsidian on my BOOX Nova2 e-ink reader now.

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