I created a proof of concept of a booklist in OPML, both human and machine readable, that can point to other people's lists as well for discovery.


@ton I miss the "text" attribute so my tool failed on your OPML. Isn't "text" mandatory according to opml.org/spec2 ?

@x28de yes, it is. Thanks, I realise I had postponed the decision on what to put in 'text', title, author or both. In a next step I probably should also move some of the other attributes in underlying outline nodes. And a question is what of the things I'd want to use are and aren't defined in other w3 namespaces. Now the choices are mine, so not to spec as such.


@x28de Will fix the text attribute though.

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@x28de Do you perhaps know of an outliner tool that lets you at least view/explore the attributes an opml file contains. My current outliner tools only ever look at the text attribute, and Tinderbox also looks at url attributes and a few specific ones more. But I haven't seen an outliner tool that allows you to determine which attributes to keep from an OPML you load. You?

@ton No, sorry. I played a bit with my own tool here x28hd.de/demo/?tonbooks.xml
And Dave Winer's littleoutliner.com/ does at least show all attributes.

@x28de @ton So this plus looking at these pressbooks openbooks.lib.msu.edu/ made me think about getting books into RSS readers.

After all, a book is a list (aka, a feed) of chapters, and can be treated as such. The trick is finding books to 'subscribe' to to fill out your 'library'.

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