@ton I am still dependent on the excellent web clipper of Evernote. Dunno how to replace it.

@FroehlichMarcel yes, that is a barrier. I switched to Zotero and its clipper for documents (and some webpages), and use MarkDownload (in Firefox) clipper to save webpages and selections of pages as markdown texts (this as my workflow behind it is currently based on notes in markdown.)

@ton clipping PDFs is a major use case. Does that work? Thanks for the info.

@FroehlichMarcel yes that works well for Zotero.org (it will also store available metadata. If it's a scientific paper it will get metadata, extract, etc, as well as the paper itself). (it also works by simply giving zotero the doi number e.g. and it will go get the doc.) PDFs don't work for the markdownclipper.

@FroehlichMarcel so as an example if I go to this page tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10 and hit the Zotero clipper it stores the full metadata of that paper, a snapshot of that page and the PDF of the article. If a document is just a standalone PDF, Zotero will get the metadata available within the PDF itself.

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