@celia definitely! Being able to determine the 'social distance' of the reach when you first share/publish something is very useful to allow more finegrained decisions on what to share, as well as to formulate it. I would love have something similar for my blog where 'close circles' would read more detail (like names, locations) than others e.g.

@ton @celia

Nice article. Darius is on the right path with Hometown and Neighborhoods.

Also have a look at these #SocialHub topics that are related..

#ActivityPub Community extension:

(Pixelfed) Groups extension:

@ton @celia

Oh, PS, #GoToSocial is also implementing local-only posting. The project is a refreshing take and developing rapidly.

@ton @celia @darius (boosted OP) Personally, I think it would be better if social distance mapped onto network distance. I.e. I would prefer circles/groups to be on the same server (preferably run by yourself/a friend) as it’s hard to ensure privacy when federating.

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