It seems I block 10 _million_ attempts per week, 16 times each second, of my Mac reaching out to iCloud which I don't use in any way (and therefore deny connections to).

@ton I’m keeping a close eye on and hopefully the BSD community is close behind

@dch Interesting. So if I bought an M1 Mac, I couldn’t just load Fedora, Ubuntu etc. as I could with my old Macs?

@ton gosh… that is a lot of calls! And why I am persevering with Linux on one of my machines. I will crack the current workflow problems.

@robert @dch it's a lot of retries indeed, there would be so much less if I allowed connection. I don't understand a design of process that faced with no connection tries again 16x per second.

@ton The system mimics the behavior of a 2.5 y.o. child.

"We're going to shop. Shop. We're going. Shooop! Shop. No not going. Going. Shop!"

@robert @dch

@ton yeah that is clearly badly broken @robert curious, what happens if you install a local DNS resolver (like unbound) and simply add an NXDOMAIN response for all the borked * stuff?

@robert not yet, but people are working on it

@ton "At 16Hz it’s just a few attempts per second shy of being within hearing range, otherwise I’d hear my Mac doing it"

Money quote <3.

Also reminds me of that bit from The Expanse (books):

"it reaches out it reaches out it reaches out it reaches out— One hundred and thirteen times a second, nothing answers and it reaches out."

@ton uhm... when navigating to that link, I get:

Insufficient Storage

The method could not be performed on the resource because the server is unable to store the representation needed to successfully complete the request. There is insufficient free space left in your storage allocation.

Additionally, a 507 Insufficient Storage error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Link got popular, logfile size exploded?..

@rysiek I had that upon posting as well. It happens sometimes, but there is ample space in the hosting package in reality (80% free)

@ton interesting. Perhaps there are some ramdisks that get filled, then?

@rysiek could be, it tends to happen when I upload a larger image (1mb) like with this post, so ppl can enlarge the smaller version in the posting itself

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