It seems I block 10 _million_ attempts per week, 16 times each second, of my Mac reaching out to iCloud which I don't use in any way (and therefore deny connections to).

@ton I’m keeping a close eye on and hopefully the BSD community is close behind

@dch Interesting. So if I bought an M1 Mac, I couldn’t just load Fedora, Ubuntu etc. as I could with my old Macs?

@ton gosh… that is a lot of calls! And why I am persevering with Linux on one of my machines. I will crack the current workflow problems.


@robert @dch it's a lot of retries indeed, there would be so much less if I allowed connection. I don't understand a design of process that faced with no connection tries again 16x per second.

@ton The system mimics the behavior of a 2.5 y.o. child.

"We're going to shop. Shop. We're going. Shooop! Shop. No not going. Going. Shop!"

@robert @dch

@ton yeah that is clearly badly broken @robert curious, what happens if you install a local DNS resolver (like unbound) and simply add an NXDOMAIN response for all the borked * stuff?

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