That the violence in Kazakhstan and internet blackout knocks out 15% of BTC mining is ample proof that it being decentralised is false. It's just not centralised with the incumbent institutions. We've known this for years

@ton There are interesting use cases for permissioned private or consortium blockchains. Not every chain needs to be permissionless. Only good example I know is #Sovrin, who're building an identity system on a permissioned blockchain governed by a non-profit.

@krinkle thanks! added archive link to the blogpost.

@ton agreed. About having a local currency/exchange: if you 'know' your nodes you don't need PoW anymore and a simple quorum-based or even 'leader that can be audited' (for example similar to Certificate Transparency) approach would be sufficient, right? I guess that might still be 'technically a blockchain' but not in the way most people seem to understand that term...

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