I find that I feel writing a non-fiction subject oriented book is nonsense. I feel a strong aversion to the idea of writing a non-fiction book, as people have suggested to me occasionly since university.

> There’s a plethora of non-fiction books that to me seem 300 to 400 pages of anecdotal padding around a core idea that would fit on the backflap.

I've thought the same thing many times. Of course it doesn't apply to books about history, or textbooks, but there's certainly a large subsection of non-fiction that is guilty of this crime.

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Mögliche Unterscheidung eines fiktionalen / nicht-fiktionalen Bezugs der Inhalte von Zetteln in einem kollaborativen #Zettelkasten.

Vielleicht denkt man sich besser eine Geschichte, aus als zu versuchen, Wahrheit festzuhalten und zu verbreiten.

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