Yesterday a pop-up IndieWeb meet-up (event page) took place on Personal Libraries / distributed libraries.
It was a nice group of people, and I was able to put some faces to names of people I've had in my feedreader for a good while. I had to miss the start, which was family dinner / putting our 5yo to be time in our timezone, but was able to join three sessions afterwards. The conversations were

@ton nice!

Recently I've been looking at how we can best spread the word on what books we hold in the small @EICAS museum library. Basically it seems OCLC's is the only real game in town (there's also but that seems like a bit of a ghost town), but the costs are a barrier.

A more open alternative, perhaps as accompaniment to the indeed-great would fill a void I think.

Do you know of other interesting initiatives?

@raboof worldcat was also mentioned yday in the session. Also Library of Congress LCCN was mentioned, but that's US specific obviously.

But I don't know of others.

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