Dave Winer adds markdown support to RSS. I wonder if this opens up new ways for me to connect my (markdown) notes locally to my website, or provide feeds from my notes to (selected) others. Need to explore and play with this a bit.


@ton tbh seems like pointlessly making the standard more complicated.

Often some program generates websites anyway, it can turn the markdown into html..


@jasper if rss is one way perhaps or when you see it as a derivative of something already published, not I think when it's two way or as a way to push stuff to a publishing platform, as Dave Winer discussed earlier this month. In the latter form the original source is useful to have, when you then want to edit again. Anyway, will need to mull this over. Was podcasting complicating the standard?

@ton i thought those linked to audio files, it doesn't embed it right into the feed?

@jasper yes it adds the url, but allows so by extending the spec with an enclosure element. The markdown in comparison is added through a source element alongside the html.

@jasper that source namespace was already in the rss spec with various uses

@jasper (and the expected behavior of a Feedreader is to download the enclosure automatically so that one can playback the podcast immediately, no?)

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