Sorry I’m Late, It Was Geo-Fencing! A friend had an unexpected walk to a wedding when his e-scooter geofenced range was reached.

@Ton Zijlstra Now I understand the e-scooters that seem to be placed at the edge of :-)

Wait. What?? 😳
Why is there even geofencing for e-scooters? 😕

@evelyn I assume there's both a limit to where cities want them on the streets, and where the companies renting them out are willing to retrieve them. In this case though, within 15 mins cycling distance from the city center it seemed a very limited range.

I see. If it's a rental then it makes sense. 🤔 But only about 15 minutes of riding? I could easily walk the distance that the scooter would cover. And save my money. 🤪

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