Some first musings and associations about Robin Sloan's Spring '83 proposal, and about what others have said about it the past few days.

N.a.v. berichten bij @defries @mbtsmn over het WordCamp Nederland mid-september, een voorstel voor een presa ingediend, over IndieWeb en mijn ervaringen als blogger daarmee. Er is nog plek voor meer sprekers en workshops, dien je WordPress gerelateerde voorstellen voor 1 juni in (volgende week woensdag).

I extended the capabilities of my microsub feed reader with the option to save web articles directly from the reader to my Obsidian notes in markdown format.
Until now if I wanted to save an entire article I found in my feed reader, I would open it in the browser and then use the markdownclipper browser add-on to add some context and then

At the today I was pleasantly surprised that the moderator asked the audience who POSSE'd their content (me and 6 others or so), and that Habermas was invoked by a panelist.

Yesterday a pop-up IndieWeb meet-up (event page) took place on Personal Libraries / distributed libraries.
It was a nice group of people, and I was able to put some faces to names of people I've had in my feedreader for a good while. I had to miss the start, which was family dinner / putting our 5yo to be time in our timezone, but was able to join three sessions afterwards. The conversations were

The ability to post to my site using a personal Micropub client is greatly reducing the friction I feel when posting something. Whether it is posting from my Obsidian notes, or responding directly from within my feed reader, it all goes very smoothly. As a consequence I found myself thinking about how to increase the scope of things where my micropub client can be useful: adding other websites to it,

Somewhat to my own surprise I now have a self-built basic feed reader, from which I can post any responses directly to my site without leaving the feed reader.

In order to start creating my own IndieWeb Microsub client, I needed to figure out doing my own IndieAuth flow to get the right types of access to my site.

I'm pleased with how little friction I now feel to automatically publish my responses to what people send to my feed reader, using my home cooked Micropub client. This morning firing up the feed reader, writing and publishing responses felt very smooth. I'll need to add some draft saving elements I think, because when responses become longer the risk of losing text in the local edit window rises.

With some helpful pointers from others, I now rewrote my Micropub client to talk JSON to my WordPress site. And it works! Next step is turning it into a personal tool, tailored to my own specific uses.

As in the past years, on my blogging anniversary (the 19th this year), I reflect a bit on my blogging and connected practices.

After building an OPML proof of concept for federating book shelves, some remarks and questions w.r.t. the utility of OPML and RSS for this use case.

I created a proof of concept of a booklist in OPML, both human and machine readable, that can point to other people's lists as well for discovery.

Matching my ideal feed reader functionalities with IndieWeb components, to see if that shows a potential path to creating it, or remixing it from building blocks others created.

Human life expectancy is ~80. A company's life expectancy ~15 yrs. When companies disappear they will take your data down with them. You can use platforms for reach and collaboration, but also having your own 'mothership' to host your original material is ~5x as sustainable.

My small change to WP Post Kinds has been adopted into the master code of the plugin. It is mightily pleasing to know I've had some tangible influence on an actual WP plugin I use daily.

This is a good observation. In my mind Flickr for instance isn't about sharing per se, but I see it as an off-site archive next to my photo archive on my laptop and a NAS at home. That it allows for easy re-use of those images in my own site is an added bonus. Will need to write a bit about my own thoughts from this session too.

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