Thinking about bringing slide decks now on Slideshare / Scribd 'home' to self-hosting. What would be options? Basic hosting packages (possibly limited storage), cloud storage (possibly hard to embed in viewer), any things between those two?

Writing about the use had for me, makes me think how to create similar utility (triangulation, language analysis on tags) using standards with bookmarks across our own websites.

Op van @CoderDojoNL gaf ik afgelopen zaterdag een presentatie over wanneer maken als een superkracht voelt, en de morele verantwoordelijkheden van een Mijn werk aan Impact door Connectie met @wijzijnfers was het startpunt

Human life expectancy is ~80. A company's life expectancy ~15 yrs. When companies disappear they will take your data down with them. You can use platforms for reach and collaboration, but also having your own 'mothership' to host your original material is ~5x as sustainable.

Following @dshanske 's example I've documented how my WordPress is set up for easy (self) reference.

Taking a stroll through I realised it has my old 2003-2008 postings on a different URL in Dutch and Germany, and 33 postings on energy transition from 2004-2006. Now contemplating to bring them 'home', so I have all content in my main blog.

My small change to WP Post Kinds has been adopted into the master code of the plugin. It is mightily pleasing to know I've had some tangible influence on an actual WP plugin I use daily.

This is a good observation. In my mind Flickr for instance isn't about sharing per se, but I see it as an off-site archive next to my photo archive on my laptop and a NAS at home. That it allows for easy re-use of those images in my own site is an added bonus. Will need to write a bit about my own thoughts from this session too.

In a little over a week Amsterdam takes place: Sat 28/9 unconference sessions on all things Sun 29/9 building your own next step on the IndieWeb. Free registration link and more info at

Join Amsterdam on 28/29 Sept! Take the web into your own hands, your identity, your creations and content, your interaction. more info register at

Gezocht in Amsterdam: ruimte voor op 28 en 29 september.
Benodigd 3 ruimten (1 max 35, 2 max 10-12), waarvan de grotere op beide dagen, de anderen alleen de 1e dag. Budget: liefst gesponsord door gebruiker v.d. ruimte(s). Bijv. kantoor/vergaderruimtes tech-gelieerd bedrijf?

@jeannie Hi Jeannie, am also interested in making more accessible documentation (English but also in Dutch / German). In part because I hope it will increase my own understanding when I try to explain things to others. My wife (who's deep into WP) is my test subject in this case.

When I said "I read feeds by social distance" at last week's unconference, ppl asked what I meant and how that looked. So I blogged it in more detail.


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