The Sentinel 1-B satellite, a key part of the Copernicus programme and open earth observation data, is having trouble since 23 December. There seems to be an issue with power supply for the radar operations.

A proposed range of EU acts on data and digitisation translates a geopolitical position into law, where data use, AI & digitisation benefits are tied to citizen rights and societal effects. A summary.

Het kabinet heeft het Corona dashboard gelanceerd met indicatoren voor het beoordelen van de pandemiemaatregelen. Helaas gaan de links naar ‘meer uitleg en data’ niet naar de , want die publiceert het RIVM nog altijd niet.

The Guardian plays with commercially available TomTom traffic data to show impact of pandemic. It would be more fun if TomTom would publish some of it as

Waar is de RIVM data? Hoe kunnen we het RIVM helpen transparanter te zijn, en data ter beschikking te stellen die anderen helpt in actie te komen? cc @dutchspring @MatthijsSienot

It’s King’s Day in the Netherlands. And this year the royal family is visiting our hometown Amersfoort. Despite the rain the country will turn orange in most places. (below screenshot of the rain radar, ftw) The little one has been asking to go into town since 8am this morning.

Gave a brief presentation on as resource for citizen science at the Koppelting conference in Amersfoort today.


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