It's More Logical to Host an Event Than Attend One. Or at least that's the logic I've lived by since the early '00s.

We Need Fresh Garlic. So glad my spam filter did not throw away this message of clear urgent need.

@cubicgarden a steady progress of removing anything that may point ppl away from the fb site or app. Th word platform is a mockery in the context of fb and twitter

@clacke I am ok with it not being open source precisely because it is just a viewer on top of my files. No lock in and can simultaneously work on the files w other os apps. Better imo than an os tool w sqlite i can't use outside of the app. Try Foam for a bit, which is os .

@clacke Obsidian isn't open source, but has a growing community of plugin builders etc. There's a promising open source alternative called Foam, built on VS code, but it seems a work in progress still mostly.

@clacke Last fall I documented how after 100 days I used Obsidian for my personal knowledge management in a series of 6 blogposts starting here:

@ScottMortimer The joplin markdown export resulted in a resource folder with 19k images and docs used across the 7k notes I took out of evernote.

@ScottMortimer Joplin transcludes them "![yourimage.png]" in its imported notes. Similarly when exporting markdown from Joplin, it creates a separate resource folder in which all the images are, and then puts a transclusion link in the markdown files. PDFs / docs etc are also in that resource folder, which aren't transcluded but just linked to afaict

@arjen @djoerd het is meer andersom, ik wilde het eerst met een junkmailadres proberen en dan is Gmail wel handig

@djoerd @arjen ben ook op delta te vinden met nu nog mijn Gmail, maar denk dat ik er een dedicated adres v maak.

@jwildeboer My town reported a 167% increase in paper collected in 2020 compared to 2019.

I have now completed the migration of my 11 years of evernote archives into markdown and Obsidian (in a separate vault, to keep my current notes uncluttered). Joplin was an enormous help in transforming ENEX into markdown, even if it required a few fixes to prevent import going wrong.

I've begun the migration from my Evernote archive to Obsidian in earnest. By way of Joplin to transform ENEX files into markdown.

@aral That's a lot of hassle in this age. Until when do you have?

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