@wouter whatever works for you, obviously. But for me a single feed with both notes and posts is fine. A few years ago I had a separate shorter/untitled stream of posts, but it felt contrived, esp when I started pointing from that stream to the 'real' posts. Then I just merged them in 1 feed, but I do keep them apart in the site, so that casual visitors see the 'real' posts first on the front page, and the rest when they explore the site.

Hey HAM enthusiasts, I'm looking for my first mobile radio (to toss in the Suburban). I checked with my local radio club and received some pretty diverse opinions ranging from "grab a cheap one for your first one" up to snagging an ICOM ID-5100A w/ DSTAR so I can avoid upgrading, later. I also need to make sure this is "wife-approved" so, the budget has to be reasonable.

I wanted to see if my Mastodon Family had any suggestions.

#hamradio #amateurradio #askfedi

@benwerd My friends Bev Trayner and Etienne Wenger do such things regularly (people on a retreat with online participants) If you want I can connect you so you can ask them for tips?

@floppy yourls.org if selfhosting on a php MySQL package is an option

@jwildeboer chips that devour christians? ;) don't feedthe trolls! :D

@Downes @ton_zylstra was trying to see if birdsite.live is a one or two way bridge for Twitter, but it's one way, which is ok.

β€œ[Gebru]’s been thinking back to conversations she’d had with a friend who warned her not to join Google, saying it was harmful to women and impossible to change. Gebru had disagreed, claiming she could nudge things, just a little, toward a more beneficial path. β€˜I kept on arguing with her,’ Gebru says. Now, she says, she concedes the point.”


@mbtsmn dec '06 en een 2e publiek account mrt '09. Moet zeggen dat mijn gebruik ervan al heel lang laag is. Ik volg meer via Tweetdeck bepaalde thema's en groepen om bookmarks uit te oogsten dan dat ik er conversaties heb.

The new Kindle highlights plugin reduces a source of friction by automatically syncing highlights to a templated note for each book in Obsidian, including links back to the specific spot in the book.


@dorian I'd suggest Wenger / McDermott / Snyder 'Cultivating Communities of Practice' and Wenger / White / Smith 'Digital Habitats'

@dorian I'd be interested in reading along with your updates. When you say 'building communities' do you assume from scratch, or in the sense that the users of a tool / instance would/should become a community? Or more like how decentralised tools provide agency to and strengthen pre-existing (budding) communities? Also see Etienne Wenger's work on communities of practice, and how tech does (not) support them.

Uploadfilters gaan de grondrechten aantasten.

Verplichte uploadfilters richten economische schade aan en zijn in strijd met de grondrechten. #uploadfilters #copyright #auteursrecht

@doenietzomoeilijk @jan Doctorow's SF volgt altijd zijn activisme en werk, hij gebruikt het om zijn argumentaties voor bijv EFF dieper uit te proberen in proza. Boeiende werkwijze. Sterling is in contrast als persoon meer van het type leerzaam excentriek.

@doenietzomoeilijk @jan Walkaway v Doctorow past ook zo op die lijst. En Infomocracy van Malka Older ook. Meeste op dat lijstje al wel gelezen, sommigen niet, de commentaren bevatten ook nog paar interessante tips. En inderdaad, Stross (Laundry Files en Merchant princes reeksen daargelaten), Doctorow en Sterling altijd lezenswaardig. 1/2

@aral recaptcha v3 also reads as very non compliant w gdpr.

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