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Dear non-men who write code: I'm reading resumes from men who have less than 3 months of software experience applying for management and staff-level jobs.

Just go apply.
You wouldn't believe what the other folks are getting away with

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Last Monday I had a meeting early evening in Amsterdam and took the train. I walked out of the central station right during the ‘golden hour‘ and snapped this image.


Werk! 👇 👇 👇

Open State Foundation is op zoek naar een developer om ons team te versterken. Heb jij passie voor een transparantie overheid en open data, bekijk dan onze vacature: openstate.eu/nl/2021/09/vacatu

#opendata #transparantie

@gerowen by coincidence I noticed that today. I'm replacing all embedded photos in my blog with locally hosted images. There's one Google Photos image in there from 2010, which the embed showed fine, but following the link to it said the photo and album weren't public.

Gave audio transcription services another go, this time with otter.ai. I see some options for note taking where it might overcome the friction I normally feel using dictation.


@chris as I blog about work related stuff I use cc by nc sa on my blog. Same on my flickr photos. It used to be I got regular requests for images to be used in small hyperlocal news sites.

Someone on LinkedIn just claimed next Monday they're organising the first ever BarCamp in the Netherlands. Yes, really. I heard my wife guffaw as she read it, and then I couldn't resist pointing out their mistake in the comments by linking to the first Dutch BarCamp now 16 years ago on BarCamp.org.


Are there iOS apps for Mastodon / AP that allow scheduling of messages? (The Android app I use has that option)

@neil @edsu @mike_hales i try to take an hour each day, pick one thing I already collected or wrote, and think about it, write , connect it to other notes etc. It usually branches out easily from whatever starting point I pick. I pick a starting point scrolling through my collection and choosing one that ignites a bit of interest with me that day

Spannend: Der Bundes-#Datenschutz-Beauftragte #Kelber empfiehlt Städten und Bundesländern, ihre Seiten bei #Facebook zu schließen.

"'Ein datenschutzkonformer Betrieb einer Facebook-Fanpage ist gegenwärtig nicht möglich', so Kelber.​ Heißt: Es besteht die Gefahr, dass Facebook Daten absaugt und für Werbezwecke nutzt bzw. verkauft."

Gibt es Städte, die eine eigene #Mastodon-Instanz betreiben?

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Excellent graphic in De Volkskrant today. Who infects who? The top labels are Source, with unvaccinated on the left and vaccinated on the right, the side labels are Recipient, with vaccinated on top and unvaccinated on bottom.

Unfollowed every contact on LinkedIn and emptied my entire timeline. I'll engage on my terms. Open question is when even having a LinkedIn profile will feel bad.


@mbtsmn veel hue hier in en om huis, maar de enige motion sensor hier is niet van hue en hangt niet aan een hue.

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