@gvenk they won't. They will go "blockchain!!! 1!1!!" more like

Trying to make Microsub the new aggregator for my digital life and wondering what's the best way to turn my mastodon home timeline into something a Microsub server can input.

@jalcine well, as it is my company together with a few partners, I get to decide as I'm the most outspoken on things web/privacy etc :D (we're 7 people)

@jalcine For both my own use and company use I use a hosting package. For personal use I've installed it on a RaspberryPi (works fine but can easily be too heavy for RPi), which I intend to use as a calendar server to replace Google calendar

@jalcine works fine for me as remote copy of my laptop. Haven't used it much as cloud, but with my company now starting to do that, adding collabora for collective editing (as Google docs replacement). Prefer Nextcloud above Owncloud

Do you use Nextcloud? What kind of apps do you add to it? What do you think of it?

[RT for boost, doing some research on personal remote/cloud storage UX] (v2.jacky.wtf//post/cd27fac0-e2)

@bleeptrack opening up their metadata and digital images of their collections for everyone to use and remix. E.g. Europeana


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โ€œOur site is responsive. No problems.โ€

Me: that looks cheap for that hotel.

Turns phone landscape.


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@janboddez Yeah, the choices of how different mentions get shown irk me too. I've done some work to show mentions as the trackbacks of old (where you'd get 150 chars or so, around the actual location of the link). Thanks for reminding me, I should dig that up again, and reapply it, or submit it as PR to the plugin authors

Earlier this week I wrote how European IPv4 addresses have now all been allocated. The IPv6 address space is extremely bigger than IPv4 is. IPv4 has 2^32 possible addresses, as they have a length of 32 bits. IPv6 is 128 bits long, allowing 2^128 addresses.

We have an IPv6 address with our fiber to the home connection (currently 500Mbit symmetrical, which is actually a ste


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Der Facebook-Baustein ist in rund 30 Prozent aller Play-Store-Apps eingebaut. Wie er funktioniert, welche Daten er sammelt und wie Facebook mit ihnen umgeht, haben wir umfassend untersucht. Alle Ergebnisse findet ihr hier: (1/2)

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