Some things I jotted down wrt semantic web and markdown. A random collection of first associations, not sure what to call a post like that, so named it Jottings.

@g-love that's a symmetrical connection (in the Netherlands)

@g-love we have a 500Mbit fiber connection at home. Cost is 41 Euro /month. We used to have a 1 Gb connection, but moved house to where that isn't available yet.

@chris taking a break is always a good plan, esp to take care of oneself. Cu around, catch you later.

easily made from the non-edible parts of plants, the plastic is tough, heat-resistant, and a good barrier to gases like oxygen, and degrades back to harmless sugars

PET-like plastic from waste biomass - EPFL
#plasticscrisis #ecotech

@montag @alcinnz by using perhaps? It's the Zotero for images for research purposes. There's a linux version of Tropy

Dall-E mini suggests Holland's future will be like the now and the past, windmills and tulips. We're safe from whatever the future brings, as longs as we keep our clogs dry, it seems.

@mwlucas @trini have the download link dynamically choose the 'next' version after each download, looping back to the 'first'?

@humanetech @Roofhare @stux I already wondered where in U-town the station was underground

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