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So many sites do:

“Here are cookie, advertising, tracking policies. Here is an OK button.”

After not clicking the ok button but attempting to continue:

“You must agree to our tracking policy”

That is explicitly not allowed/illegal under GDPR.

American companies including the Washington Post really have a damn hard time wrapping their head around that an agreement means you can decline to agree to it, and GDRP says refusing to be tracked is not grounds for a site to refuse service.

@aaronpk What would it take roughly to change Quill to be able to work with multiple drafts in parallel? It has a db right? So, I might try and use that. (Trying to figure out a way to write offline, and have Quill running locally , but I find I'd like to work on different drafts at same time)

Creative Commons Global Summit is May 9-11, 2019, in Lisbon. See here for the call for proposals as well as application for scholarship to help offset the cost: #OER

Netherlands 30 Years On the Open Internet

Frank writes about how the Netherlands became the first connection outside the USA on the open net by the NSF (as opposed to the military initiated ARPANET academic institutions used then), thirty years ago yesterday on November 17th 1988. Two years previously .nl had been created as the first ever country top level domain. This […]

#ActivityPubForWordPress are plugins for WordPress sites that add support for the ActivityPub standard.

This means people can follow the WordPress site from ActivityPub-powered services such as Mastodon etc.

There are a couple of such plugins right now:

"ActivityPub" by @pfefferle

"PteroType" by @jdormit

#AlternativesAtoZ #ActivityPub #WordPress #Fediverse

Een mooi interview met Sylvana Simons in het NRC, en gisteren een goed gesprek bij DWDD. Van de haat die over haar uitgestort wordt begrijp ik niets, dat zero-sum denken dat de plek en erkenning die de één vraagt jóuw onderdrukking betekent, en je dus vanuit je hersenstam van je af bijt alsof je in […]

For people working on ActivityPub implementations I just wrapped up a nice chat with the folks of in Amsterdam (@manetta @rra and others). It was all via document editing and you can read the whole thing starting at line 188 in this document

It's a bit disorganized and I think they are going to digest it into a blog post or similar but for now this may be helpful to people who are puzzling their way through ActivityPub implementation!

Suggested Reading: Truth, resilience, hate speech and more

Some links I thought worth reading the past few days Peter Rukavina pointed me to this excellent posting on voting, in the context of violence as a state monopoly and how that vote contributes to violence. It’s this type of long form blogging that I often find so valuable as it shows you the detailed […]

“Will you be nice to Facebook and Google at the afternoon sessions?” — organiser to me at #NordicPrivacyArena

(I asked the transport minister of Finland and the Mozilla rep hard questions at their sessions.)

Me: “I don’t think that’s the right question to ask. Would you be nice to Exxon Mobil at an environmental protection conference?”

Running a small homeserver with chat, data sync and maybe email should be a small appliance everyone should have.

If you cannot admin it yourself consider projects like #freedombone.

Care for your loved ones online too, protect their data...

Still hearing the time-honed bullshit that “nobody cares about their privacy” at #NordicPrivacyArea. Bullshit. People are lied to on a daily basis with billion-dollar budgets.

@tdorey @jgmac1106 @dogtrax @lauraritchie

I like this:

"For me, "truth growing" needs to involve systems, opportunities, communities, networks, etc. that cause critical engagement with ideas, beliefs and ways of thinking that are foreign, perhaps even contrary to our own. And not just on the content level, but embedded within the fabric of the system et al itself. "

Unpacking it will be worth the work.

18.591 Articles Sold By JSTOR for $19 = $353.229

Aaron Swartz would have turned 32 November 8th. He died five years and 10 months ago, and since then, like this weekend, the annual Aaron Swartz weekend takes place with all kinds of hackathons and events in his memory. At the time of his suicide Swartz was being prosecuted for downloading material in bulk from […]

Seems I need to find a way of making it easier for me to blog, to save time. At the current volume I really need more seamless and frictionless ways of posting than how I currently mostly use the WordPress back-end. This year I’ve already posted more items (391) than in the previous 10 years […]

With Marcos' discussions of collaboration & hosting things in other institutions rather than all in Medialab Prado, I'm wondering if we need to find ways not to break out of our silos, but ways to make the silos more open and porous. Encouraging non-zero-sum mentality #laboflabs

How has the Internet changed the way we think? One way is how we've rediscovered the #commons (e.g. #Linux, #Wikipedia, #OpenStreetMap). Good point from Medialab Prado's Marcos Garcia #LabOfLabs

“Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you”…
*that don't track you*

With Dailymotion, Opera, Brave, Vimeo, Medium, Squarespace, Slack…

Please, stop the privacy bullshit!...

Week Notes #44

A week that felt less productive than hoped, also because of picking up a bug or something the little one brought home from daycare. Caught up on the current open data collaboration between the city of Leeuwarden, the province and the regional archive, and discussed some possible next steps. Discussed detailing the Networked Agency and […]

Sixteen Years of Blogging

Today at 14:07, sixteen years ago I published my first blogpost. The first few months I posted on Blogger, but after 6 months, deciding having a blog was no longer just an experiment, I moved to my own domain and where it has since resided. First it was hosted at a server I ran from […]

Mapping Microformats To This Site

As a first step to better understand the different layers of adding microformats to my site (what is currently done by the theme, what by plugins etc.), I decided to start with: what is supposed to go where? I made a post-it map on my wall to create an overview for myself. Green is content, […]

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