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Today 17 years ago, at 14:07, I published my first blog post, and some 2000 followed since then. Previously I kept a website that traces back to early 1998, which was the second incarnation of a static website from 1997 (Demon Internet, my first ISP other than my university, entered the Dutch market in November 1996, and I became their customer at the earliest opportunity. From the start they gave their customers

Human life expectancy is ~80. A company's life expectancy ~15 yrs. When companies disappear they will take your data down with them. You can use platforms for reach and collaboration, but also having your own 'mothership' to host your original material is ~5x as sustainable.

Following @dshanske 's example I've documented how my WordPress is set up for easy (self) reference.

Join the SciFi Economics lab on November 11th in Brussels w @edgeryders and @doctorow. Secure your ticket here:
Let's explore the economics needed for our complex 21st century challenges

Looking forward to speaking @coderdojonl DojoCon19 next week. Watched a cool keynote vid today by @felienne who will speak at DojoCon too, on teaching programming.

Taking a stroll through I realised it has my old 2003-2008 postings on a different URL in Dutch and Germany, and 33 postings on energy transition from 2004-2006. Now contemplating to bring them 'home', so I have all content in my main blog.

dear recaptcha tools enlisting me in training your visual recognition machine learning models: fire hydrants are not globally ubiquitous. You can't assume e.g. European users will recognise US street furniture.

Dumbed down my site's language support, so that Google Translate actually picks up the correct language setting for most pages. Lesson learned: Google never checks for language mark-up, only the default setting or in its absence the primary result of a ML model.

Lezenswaardig weblog over service design research bij DUO v @manuelame Iedereen rond digitale transformatie bij de overheid: toevoegen aan je feedreader! (dank @alper voor de tip)

Van de belastingdienst de brief met nieuw BTW-nummer gekregen. Een langdurige doorn in het oog opgelost: niet langer verplicht mijn BSN nummer overal laten slingeren omdat het in mijn BTW-nummer zit.

Date Ethics Baby Steps: how being there at the start of writing regulation allowed better data collection and less friction, making the ethical thing the most efficient thing.

MacOS Catalina update junks my Scansnap scanner as 'legacy'. So no OS updates for a while to keep using my peripheral hardware. Check which software you use daily that gets dumped by MacOS 64bit.

Verbazingwekkend hoe 40 jaar nadat openbaarheid het absolute uitgangspunt van de wet is geworden (openbaar, tenzij), de WOB en de aankomende WOO vooral nog altijd kramp veroorzaakt.

Don't depend on subscription model software. You can and will be cut off. Adobe locks out Venezuelan customers due to August 5th US embargo.

Chrome to limit adblocking. That violates the castle doctrine of browsers. Chrome is not a browser. It's an adtech delivery tool.

Doing this online is a neighbouring right in the new EU Copyright Directive. Photo by Alper, license CC BY

A move that surprises absolutely no one: Google won't pay French publishers for snippets. France is the first EU country to transcribe the new EU Copyright Directive into law. This directive contains a new neighbouri

Je kunt bij stikstof wel bekvechten over de berekende cijfers, maar fundamenteler is dat de regering beperking bepleit maar niet de consequenties van beperking aanvaardt, en wegmoffelt met 'toekomstige compensatie'

Do You Lie Enough? You Probably Need to Lie More Often! Filling out forms when mandatory fields are not compliant with the GDPR: lie, obfuscate, provide compliance hints.

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