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Sobibor begon in het Vondelpark...
Met een bordje: Verboden voor Joden.
(Jules Schelvis)

Wat een goede toespraak van de Koning. Niet wegkijken, niet uitpoetsen, niet normaliseren. Ook niet als het over je eigen overgrootmoeder gaat.

With now 7 weeks at home, I this weekend fought the feeling I somehow should have been more productive in the past almost two months. To a certain extent that is true. First as now the deadline for a big piece of writing is starting to loom large, and if I don't get up to speed now it will be problematic. Second, as for another project I still haven't finished creating things I had expected to have had finished before th

Based on a conversation about Wikis last week I started keeping a Day Log, a simple bullet list of things that happened. This spins off blogpostings and wiki content easily I notice.

Twintig jaar na de vuurwerkramp in Enschede schrijft studievriend Danny een boek over zijn ervaringen toen. Besteld, en dit weekend lezen.

Eindelijk eens duidelijk aangetoond, dat Big Pharma helemaal niet zoveel geld in onderzoek steekt en daarom de medicijnprijzen moet verhogen.

The Guardian plays with commercially available TomTom traffic data to show impact of pandemic. It would be more fun if TomTom would publish some of it as

Germany’s labor minister:

“Everyone who wants to and whose job allows it should be able to work in a home office, even when the corona pandemic is over. We are learning in the pandemic how much work can be done from home these days.”


Today is King's day, our national holiday. Normally it turns the entire country into a giant orange colored street festival and fleamarket, but this year we're all at home. It's been dubbed Woningsdag, or 'houseday', which differs from Koningsdag, King's day, in its first letter only. In my head King's day is the start of 'flag week', as April 27th is followed by May 4th Remembrance day, and May 5th Liberati

When you see more stories like the ones you’re already clicking on, you’re viewing websites and apps through a #filterbubble. A good way to burst it is to subscribe to services that aggregate news from various sources/perspectives. More #DataDetox tips:

If you teach development, the first thing you should be teaching… before HTML, CSS, JS, etc., is ETHICS.

Teach your students to avoid 3rd-party surveillance-based APIs/components. Teach them to de-centre themselves… to build tools owned and controlled by the people who use them.


Late stage surveillance-capitalism: je eigen tracking device tijdens een livestream vorm mogen geven..


Wat een gedrocht is e-Herkenning: 'n commercieel bedrijf jaarlijks betalen voor n login, alleen voor aangifte Belastingdienst. BD weet wie tekenbevoegd/gemachtigd is obv Handelsregister/eigen gegevens, dus kan Digid volstaan. Wachten op 'n eHerkenning provider die gegevens lekt.


Great explanation how contact tracing can be done right, fully respecting privacy.

This study shows that such fast contact tracing could be as effective as a lockdown.

The CCC, German's most reliable technology activists, explain the conditions to make this work and have promised to warn about bad apps. I will listen to them.

Without being asked, Apple and Google have begun building a corona trac(k)ing app for the Dutch market.

I fear this will undermine support for privacy measures, as 99% of Dutch have already "agreed" to invasive privacy terms of at least one of these companies.

They have also announced to "integrate" the app with their nontransparent platforms, which I fear will undermine the sought after transparency we would need from such software.


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