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Waag onderzocht het gebruik van #algoritmes bij & Bevindingen zijn nu gebundeld in 'Algoritme: de mens in de machine.' Lees het hier:

Didn't know you could call Google Translate as a formula in Google spreadsheets, to translate cells. Nice to know.

I'm 127 days into Portuguese Duolingo and I still barely know how to say anything useful. This is typical neoliberal "Coke Zero" ( see Žižek) bullshit.

I think I'm going to cancel my subscription and download a bootleg Pimsleur course and then send donations to Infiltrados No Cast and also Rita Von Hunty's rainy day wig fund.

Fuck giving these techfucks more MAUs DAUs and I STILL don't even know how to say basic shit like "Hello my name is..." or "Where is the toilet?" Shit

A week before the lock down we gathered with Elmine's family to celebrate both her parents' birthdays. We met in Baarn, visiting the 18th century Groeneveld estate. Part of their collection was one of the three xylotheques in the Netherlands, all three made in the late 18th century. I never saw one of these fascinating things before: a series of 'books' about trees, where each book is made from the wood and bark of that tree, and contains a

Very interesting new step, IRMA-meet: bigbluebutton videocalls with verified partial identities, relevant to the call (e.g. exams, doctor-patient convos, bank loans).

Hold My Geolocated Beer... Bellingcat demonstrates how Untappd check-ins allow tracking of sensitive personell. (via @roelgroeneveld)

@doenietzomoeilijk ik zat even naar je exit walled gardens posts te kijken, en zie dat je 11 jaar geleden ditchte. Gebruik je nog steeds het Scuttle dat je daar noemt (is nog altijd op github te vinden zie ik, maar in 10jr ongewijzigd)

Facebook is the worst. They spy on you wherever you are and they try to lock you in.

Which is why it's so alarming that Facebook is going to buy Giphy for $400m.

Giphy isn't just a repository for cute gifs. They're the service that inserts cute gifs when you use Twitter, Tinder, Slack and Imessage. That means that an acquisition of Giphy is a means for Facebook to spy on you while you use all those rival products.


Who led the digital transformation of your company?

iA Writer has support for Micropub and IndieAuth now. That sounds interesting, as it would allow me to write locally, and publish to several of my sites, both online and on my local system. Getting an error though.

Now your org is working f home, u have a distributed org, your people r eyes & ears 'outside'. Can your org make that useful in your work? What real experiences/stories/feedback could you gather?

PSA in German train: "And finally, a note to all conspiracy theorists on board, remember that the federal government is secretly collecting saliva samples to produce clones that will replace you. So please wear your face mask at all times to prevent the government from getting your DNA."

Zero Fucks Left To Give.


Programmeer de groene stad! Wil jij aan de hand van boeiende onderzoeksgegevens en datasets slimme oplossingen bedenken voor meer groen in de stad? Doe mee met de hackathon de groene stad op woensdag 30 september. Meer info & aanmelden: #hackathon #data

Interessant initiatief dat op basis van publieke info reproductiegetallen probeert af te leiden: stochastik-tu-ilmenau.github.i #COVID19

In Enschede luiden de klokken nu en hangen de vlaggen halfstok. Precies twintig jaar geleden werd de stad verscheurd door explosies. In mijn gedachten ben ik er even terug, daar en toen.

Last weekend we already enjoyed some cake to celebrate my 50th birthday today. It's odd having my birthday during the pandemic lockdown, but at the same time I don't mind not celebrating it (I don't often do). I remember how my dad absolutely hated it when he turned 50, and to evade being home took me on a walking trip in the Alps, despite his fear of heights. I don't have any particular feeling about it, except maybe that my continued sens

@jan @jan Mag ik je een WP vraag stellen? Is er iets op het eerste gezicht mis met hoe ik een extra rss feed probeer te maken, zoals beschreven op ?

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