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I mean, fuck you, "Mellow Sous Vide" (if that IS your real name) and your decision to brick your meat-bathing gadget for customers who decline to pay the annual $48 "subscription fee" that you just unilaterally added to devices you'd ALREADY SOLD.


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FABx (the annual international Fab Lab meeting) has had to go online this year because of you-know, but precisely because of the opportunities for a better world, the line-up/programme is intriguing and worth investing time in, e.g. Juliet Schor is speaking on Wednesday on cooperatives and Rebooting Economies

registration for the whole conference here

this is really the time to promote coops where they are needed (!!!)

I just can't get over how great StreetComplete is. It looks fantastic, is incredibly easy to use, and actually makes it fun to contribute data about the Real World for the benefit of everyone.

If you run Android, be sure to give it a try: #OpenStreetMap #StreetComplete

Motivational speaker on YouTube: "Be the hardest worker in the room!"

Me, working alone from home: "I GOT THIS!"

How do we know if a picture or a tweet is genuine or truthful? Find out in The Glass Room: #Misinformation Edition, developed in collaboration with and available to visit as an online exhibition:

@dajbelshaw I'm intrigued by the WeAreOpen coop, but have difficulty understanding what the coop is 'for'. Is it mainly a means for collaboration between members (more tangible/structured than a network, less strict/more flexible than a Ltd might be)? (where I'm coming from: my understanding of coops historically here in NL is that the coop would have a specific purpose, e.g. own shared production means, like a farmer owned milk processing plant, mutual assurance/bank etc.)

It seems to me laptops with Linux pre-installed come with large-ish (15'' and up) screen sizes most of the time. Is there a tech reason for that? Or is it the assumption those who use Linux will use the laptop mostly as desktop, and not for mobility? I'm not dragging anything above 13'' with me in a bag.

Researchers from Dublin reviewed the Google Play Services that are mandatory for Covid Tracing Apps on Android. Every 20 min they transfer:
- IP adress
- phone #
- email
- SIM #
โžก๏ธ So it's illegal, intrusive and affects large parts of the population

I disabled all push notifications in our company's server, as it turns out all alerts from all instances worldwide are sent to GFCM and APNS, through Rocketchat's gateway in clear text, without the informed and clear consent of users, and without meaningful settings.

45, US politics 

"Trump feels most โ€œat homeโ€ [with autocrats]. They tend to fake everything... and what they canโ€™t fake they cover up... No wonder Trump feels comfortable around them. This is the very world into which he was born..."

โ€œDonald is not simply weak, his ego is a fragile thing that must be bolstered every moment because he knows deep down that he is nothing of what he claims to be...โ€

WhoWhatWhy review โ€˜Too Much and Never Enoughโ€™ by Mary Trump

Time is 13:37, so let's make this #official ๐ŸŽ‰

This is the new dedicated account for the #keyoxide project, easy #pgp #encryption and #distributed #identity for all in a fully #opensource and #privacy friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here:

Let's make distributed identity happen! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

#introductions #foss

'Onder het toeziend oog van het ministerie wordt iedereen proefpersoon en onze samenleving een groot experiment. Dat terwijl de effectiviteit van dit soort apps heel gering lijkt te zijn.' -

Dear #MastoMind: I'm trying to find a diagram of ecological / environmental / sustainability mindsets / ideologies, across a wide spectrum of beliefs.

The version I recall was a line drawing with text, laid out mostly in a set of vertical columns, I think.

I've spent hours trying to find the image w/o success. It probably dates from at least five years ago.

Some of the contents I seem to recall, none of this may be accurately quoted text:

Religious optimisim / god-will-provide
"On the Fence" or "Fence-Sitters" (pretty certain)
"Bright", "Deep", and "Dark" variants of "Green Ecology" or "Green Ecologists".
Ran Prieur was AFAIR specifically mentioned.

Again: pulling blanks, would very much like to find this as it's a good summary of the range of views.

Boosts appreciated.

#ecology #environmentalism #sustainability #RanPrieur


BREAKING: The EU's Court of Justice has just invalidated the "Privacy Shield" data sharing system between the EU and the US, because of overreaching US surveillance. All details available here:
#PRISM #FISA702 #Privacy #PrivacyShield #SCCs #GDPR #CJEU


Interesting de-escalation features by Nick Punt as suggestion for Twitter. However I think it is more likely that newer players / alternatives might adopt it. Something to incorporate into Mastodon: indicating you made a mistake, disamplification, forgiveness button.

Het emotierijkste verhaal wordt het meest gedeeld, ongeacht waarheidsgehalte. Elmine Wijnia zoekt de details uit van 1 enkele veelgedeelde Facebook posting

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