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Published the latest FOSS & Crafts episode with 8 seconds to go before midnight... but it's out on a Thursday still ;P

Will promote it in the morning though... it's time for bed.

The CyberWar Map is a visual guide to some of the most prominent players and events in state-to-state cyberconflict created as a part of the National Security Archive's Cyber Vault Project. This resource focuses on state-sponsored hacking and cyber-attacks.

Juxtaposing takeaways and giveaways, as Chris Corrigan relates here, strikes me as such a strong and beautiful shorthand to use in the future.

What could a site look like if it was neither a blog or wiki, but had both those types of content? Any good examples you know of?

My mental marker for the start of autumn came to pass this morning: the heating system engaged for the first time again.

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Oproep: voor een proefschrift over gezichtsherkenningstechnologie vanuit juridische invalshoek ben ik op zoek naar een expert cognitieve psychologie die het leuk zou vinden om in gesprek te gaan over het proces van zintuiglijke gezichtsherkenning! #durftevragen #phd

This weekend will be a workshop for making #IndieWeb friendly WordPress Themes:

Beginners without coding experience are also welcome and encouraged to attend. (

Moving away from TextExpander to AlfredApp now that TextExpander has gone the software subscription route

In prep for account deletion, Scribd doesn't allow you to download your *own* uploads, requiring a subscription to do so. Anyway, that's Slideshare (part of Scribd as of tomorrow) and Scribd both ditched. Good riddance.

#Facebook says it could quit Europe. Great news! (Thanks to for his Tweet that got me searching.)

This is a precedent which I think should be applied here immediately. Facebook cannot be trusted with our data.

Copy for

Slideshare's data export function is worse than its regular web interface for downloading data. After 132 manual downloads, now deleted my account.

#OpenStreetMap people have a whole PeerTube instance of their own, just filled to the brim with OSM talks!

A lot of French, like you might guess from the URL, but a fair amount of English talks too.

Β«We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.Β»

β€” Jaron Lanier

As LinkedIn has sold Slideshare to Scribd (Slideshare's more evil twin), I am preparing to close down my Slideshare account. The first download contains stats, to see if those outweigh 13 yrs of 3rd party tracking.

I am thinking of an #OpenScience project & could use some help.

There is a database with information that is important for science, which has a well-documented REST API.

How do you make a hashtag out of that? #rESTaPI?

An important data element is often missing. So I would like to make a 2nd server that serves the same API & adds this element if it is missing.

What is good software to do this? Has anyone here done something similar & would be happy to help (funded)?

Boots welcome. πŸ€—

"No one is forced to use Facebook" 

I hear that often, but I know of many people who had to create accounts and start to use Facebook for things like classes, community participation, and family communication. It's assumed you have it, and we don't make affordances for those who don't.

Perhaps we're not forced with violence or laws, but we are strongly coercing each other to use it. I never created an account for various reasons, and I have lost touch with people as a result.

Thinking about bringing slide decks now on Slideshare / Scribd 'home' to self-hosting. What would be options? Basic hosting packages (possibly limited storage), cloud storage (possibly hard to embed in viewer), any things between those two?

In the category #humanedesign I have a delightful link to share:

** Data Patterns Catalogue **

"Build services that show you care about data. This catalogue helps teams make decisions about how, when and why to collect and use data about people."

It is created by IF technology studio, specialising in ethical and practical uses of data.

I will add this to #delightful humane design curated list
( )

As rapporteur I am proud to present the most ambitious #DigitalServicesAct opinion yet feat.
βœ… right to anonymity and #notracking
βœ… ban on new mandatory #uploadfilters
βœ… making messenger services interoperable
Thanks for contributing!

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