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We're hiring a PhD candidate to work on Search and Recommendation Systems that Learn from their Users


A lot will be different about #MozFest 2021 โ€“ but one thing that will never change is how critical the #MozFestVolunteer is to the success of the festival.

Past Volunteers, can you please fill out this survey to help us pass along your wisdom?


"These machines are the first general purpose computers ever where you have to make an exclusive choice: you can have a fast and efficient machine, or you can have a private one... Short of using an external network filtering device like a travel/vpn router that you can totally control, there will be no way to boot any OS on the new Apple Silicon macs that wonโ€™t phone home, and you canโ€™t modify the OS to prevent this."

@kantel hallo! Danke fรผr die Leseempfehlung im Blog vorher!

Mobilizon is a free open source federated events platform, designed to provide a privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook Events. You can follow at:

โžก๏ธ @mobilizon

It has just left beta testing and is now ready for use. You can find out more on official sites at:


It has been designed for activists and volunteer organisations, but anyone can use it.

#Mobilizon #Mobilison #Events #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Activism #SelfHosting #FOSS #FLOSS

@jackyan at breakfast now w my 4y old said "on the other side of the world it is now evening and I am having breakfast " When I mentioned I knew someone there and mentioned you, she wondered what you had for dinner while we're at breakfast. So I said I could ask.....


Was gifted a bottle of Westvleteren 12 in the summer. Today was the perfect fall day to enjoy it.

18 Years of Blogging, The Stay at Home Edition. My yearly reflection on how I'm encouraging grasping your own agency and autonomy online, on the occasion of the anniversary of this blog.


There are many baffling aspects to me in US elections, but on top of the list must be that you could somehow argue not to count all votes submitted, followed by that it's the press that 'calls' the results using a narrative suggesting that results can be instantaneous, instead of waiting for the finished local counts as they come in (even if not formally logged count totals, which usually comes a week later or so).

#OpenStreetMap people have a whole PeerTube instance of their own, just filled to the brim with OSM talks!

A lot of French, like you might guess from the URL, but a fair amount of English talks too.

@Framasoft Suggestion for both #JoinMastodon and #JoinPeerTube:

Please make it so that the website suggests less populated instances first and displays a big warning against fostering big instances. This avoids what #WhatsApp and #Google did (see ), where both started as #XMPP providers but once they became big enough, they closed doors.

#FreeSoftware #FreeSW #Mastodon #ActivityPub #Fediverse #PeerTube

New Dork Web tomorrow. I've been off the web for a week so there'll be no mention of things happening in current times.

Instead there's a wholesome exploration of the beautiful future we could build, and technologies like fusion, clean fission, asteroid mining and vertical farming.

If you need some optimism in your life, you could do worse than going here:

EFF: The Github youtube-dl Takedown Isn't Just a Problem of American Law

Tragically for Internet users everywhere, the RIAA was not citing DMCA Section 512, the usual takedown route, but DMCA Section 1201, the ban on breaking digital locks. And the failures of that part of American law that can allow a rightsholder to intimidate an American company into an act of global censorship are coded into more than just the U.S. legal system. ...

Since 1996, over 100 countries have signed onto the WIPO Copyright Treaty. The Treaty itself uses notably less harsh language in what it requires from its signatories than the DMCA. ...

EFF has a long-term plan to beat the anti-circumvention laws, wherever they are, which we call Apollo 1201. But we need help from a global movement to finally revoke this ongoing attack on the world's creators, innovators, and consumers.

HN discussion:

@eff community - I'm looking for someone to take over maintenance and hosting of as I'm focusing on other projects. If you're interested send me an e-mail at

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