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After writing 700 Notions I see a pattern emerge w.r.t short, 'right' and long ones

Then last week I came across this click-baity posting by Tim Denning, advocating max 200-word posts to reach 'virality', while reflecting on my blogwriting pace. Checking the length of my Notions, I looked at the ones that feel just right. Those are around the 200 mark. I suppose they are bite si

Can you help me find additional bloggers to follow? I'm looking for bloggers from various regions (see link). Any tips?

Was sind denn momentan Deutsche Blogger die ich im Feedreader haben sollte rundum Themen wie Ethik, IT, Datenschutz, IndieWeb, Indie-Alles, Philosophie, usw @kantel Was liest du denn so? Teilst du irgendwo eine OPML Liste?

Stand with Dr. Timnit Gebru!

Please consider signing. She may not always be the easiest person to work with, but the specific case is outrageous, and the process of resignation is disrespectful.

@Erik ik kan niet goed zien of mijn antwoord op je vraag ook bij je is binnengekomen?

Ik dacht dat ik iets in Rotterdam besteld had, maar het komt zoals ik om deze tijd van het jaar had kunnen verwachten als nazending uit Spanje. Paste niet op Pakjesboot 12 denk ik, en is bovendien niet bedoeld als Sinterklaascadeau.

Thinking about avoiding the big book selling platforms, indie bookstores and indie authors, I suddenly find myself spending time thinking about launching both a publishing company and an online book store, aimed only at the things E and I ourselves like reading / want to read.

Dear #fediverse

** Humane Tech Community has launched the Humanetech Translation Program **

Too many #humane #tech resources raising awareness of #surveillancecapitalism and #privacy and #wellbeing solutions are targeted to US and English-only.

Join our program, help translate and share these worldwide.. This is important!

Please boost πŸ™

The first 10 translators have volunteered. Let's make it hundreds more..

Translate, get attributed, we'll all promote your work.

Just did some bookkeeping. I'm pretty proud of our team this year. We'll end up with 10% growth in 2020 despite the pandemic (and not having growth targets). Meaning we could offer a fixed contract to a colleague, and could hire one new colleague last September. That pleases me no end.

Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

Great News. The Commission for Observation, infrastructure and information system (INFCOM) of the World Meteorological Organization has approved the plan for a *climate reference network*.

Its implementation plan is now part of the WMO Infrastructure Commission workplan.

Normally climatology piggy bags on the data from meteorological stations. This climate reference network will be designed to be as temporally stable as possible to better see changes in the climate. variable-variability.blogspot.

Today's issue of Tales from the Dork Web is especially πŸ”₯

"The biggest con Silicon Valley ever pulled off was convincing us they’re masters of innovation. Netflix brought us digital movie distribution *cries in Bittorrent*. Apple introduced Music streaming to the world *laughs in Napster*. Facebook invented social media *no they didn’t*."

Prettige algemene ledenvergadering van Open Nederland. Ook de komende 2 jaren bestuurslid.

1995: "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it."

2020: "One shitty company had a bad day, now nothing on the internet works."

Ah, progress.

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