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Eindelijk maar eens een voornemen van de todo-lijst uitgevoerd: geabonneerd op Follow The Money ( Onderzoeksjournalistiek die keer op keer laat zien waarom radicale transparantie in de publieke sector en in sectoren die nauw aan het publiek belang raken uiterst waardevol is.

"Het was maar een grapje", het slapste excuus. Ook als grap deugt het niet. En het zegt ook iets over de 'grappen'maker: het laat zien dat je wel degelijk weet dat je het publiek niet zou kunnen zeggen zonder consequenties. Echte humor heeft juist publiek nodig. Zeggen dat het een grapje in de privecontext was laat zien dat je zelf ook snapt dat het iets over jezelf zegt wat je het publiek niet wilt laten zien.

Finally registered a Bandcamp profile and bought some music, thanks to a conversation with @bmann

Goodmorning #fediverse!

As of today you can apply to my former job! 🎉🎉

Think selfhosted servers, IaaC (Ansible) virtualization (KVM, Ceph, Debian, Ubuntu), FOSS apps (Zimbra, Nextcloud, Rocketchat), and Linux Mint desktops.

Are you a #foss and #linux enthusiast AND a #feminist? And are you based around #Amsterdam? Apply before Feb 23!

Mama Cash is the oldest feminist fund in the world. They support women’s, girl’s and trans groups all over the world. 🌍

Matching my ideal feed reader functionalities with IndieWeb components, to see if that shows a potential path to creating it, or remixing it from building blocks others created.

@wilw The reason Google tried to kill off RSS is because they consider any kind of "index, directory, or data structure that makes the web organized and easier to access a thread to their business model.

Google wants to be the only gateway into the information, and so RSS had only downside risk for them.

Now, in 2021, everyone should be using RSS as much as possible to help eliminate dependency on BigTech, and some day even create a fully semantic web.

I have updated my human and machine readable OPML blog roll with the latest export from my feed reader of the feeds I'm subscribed to. (Here's a description of how you can create one too)

Voici le deuxième kit "l'OSINT contre les violences". Aujourd'hui, l'article sur le dox(x)ing.

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Open access platform for Dutch academic journals launched

With seven academic journals in the field of social sciences and humanities the open access platform was launched today. This new, easy-to-access platform gives journals published in the Netherlands the opportunity to publish open access.

/cc @djoerd

Beter dan CEUR voor onze workshops?

"Access Info Europe is currently seeking independent, country-level researchers for several European countries to act as national researchers for the first edition of the Global Data Barometer (2020–2021)." - "honorarium of €2500 for the 20 working days"

Together with several people, we decided to create kits to show you how OSINT can help you fight against online violence.
The first kit: digital raids

I'm looking for Sales Engineers, joining my team at #Nextcloud!

You are used to work in a international and distributed teams? You have good technical knowledge and like to work closely with customers and partners, helping them to integrate Nextcloud into their environment and use cases? Than you might be the right person!

You can find the detailed job description here:

I would love to hear from you!

#Jobs in #OpenSource and #FreeSoftware

In 2020 we've been trying out a bonus system in my company, fosucing on the collective, and without setting finance related goals or targets.

The externalised costs of using a fixed geolocation when the location is unknown, but presented the same way as known locations (IP addresses, Zip codes) as a dark pattern: The Internet's 9999ZZ

If you haven't been paying attention to my yarns, lets the employees tell you what really going on behind those dating sites and apps.
Thanks for the tweet.

Worldwide walking & cycling isochrones (“Show everywhere within X min. travel”) based on #OpenStreetMap data. Also intersection of isochrones. A great way to find the most convenient place to meet your friend!

What a useless tool is Apple Migration Assistant

My group Greens/EFA is looking for a digital policy advisor for the IMCO committee who will cover major digital dossiers such as #DigitalServicesAct, #DigitalMarketsAct and #AI. Apply.

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