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I have now completed the migration of my 11 years of evernote archives into markdown and Obsidian (in a separate vault, to keep my current notes uncluttered). Joplin was an enormous help in transforming ENEX into markdown, even if it required a few fixes to prevent import going wrong.

I've begun the migration from my Evernote archive to Obsidian in earnest. By way of Joplin to transform ENEX files into markdown.


Grab the popcorn because the rover has sent us a one-of-kind video of her Mars landing. For the first time in history, we can see multiple angles of what it looks like to touch down on the Red Planet. #CountdownToMars


e-mail is a nearby-technology with planetary-scale connectivity, in a *socially* decentered way. Hold together by bubblegum and sticks. There is no project in sight that could "replace e-mail" (tm). We suggest to embrace and amend. Yes, it's a mess but it's also fun :)

Last month 32K installs happened through Google Play, another 70K installs from other counting stores plus many uncounted ones from F-Droid and direct apk downloads ... OMG, our servers are choking!1!! Just joking ... there are no Delta chat servers, and there is no spoon :)

De @Datavakbond ( heeft een overzicht gemaakt van wat politieke partijen in hun programma's zeggen over data, datagebruik en regulering. Nuttig om door te nemen. Had nog nooit van de Datavakbond gehoord, en heb me maar eens even aangemeld.

@loweel @humanetech @mariusor Reading this conversation I checked. I am on a single person instance since 2.5yrs, the database is 821MB.

#WhereIsMySurprisedFace CNN found the redacted version of the contract between UK and AstraZeneca. Turns out it was signed one day AFTER the cointract with the EU was signed and it also containes the "reasonable best effort" language. The EU was right with its interpretation and AstraZeneca now has a lot to explain IMHO lets you make a list of authors you are interested in, and then provides you with a RSS feed that will alert you to new books published by those authors. It uses the Google Books API. It’s a clever small personal tool that Lukas Mathis built. I like it.

23 maart de SOS Tech Awards van Open State Foundation en SETUP, de Black and Glass Box Awards voor openheid en transparantie, en de Dode / Levende Mussen Awards voor verantwoordelijkheid nemen bij technische misstappen (ipv alleen op z'n Facebooks 'sorry' zeggen en over tot de orde van de dag).

Journey is an interesting new Obsidian plugin, showing you the notes that form a path between two notes, so you can explore how your notes/thoughts are linked.

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Impact rubble from the meteor that killed the dinosaurs landed on the MOONS OF SATURN and JUPITER

A few notes after reading @lukas posting on personal CRM: Personal CRM as a Not-LinkedIn, the CRM notes I keep are centered on remembering context.

Hey Mastodon: please boost this #OpenSource job opp!

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is hiring an Executive Director. Pay is competitive, we can hire anywhere in the US. I am on the hiring committee so feel free to ask me any questions about it!

Tinkering some more with AlfredApp workflows. Trying to find a way to grab the filenames of files changed in the past n days and write those filenames to a text file. Writing to a text file I've got working, now how to grab the last changed files' names.

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