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I'm looking for web examples of how people share things about the books they read. Non silo examples, that is. Have an example? Would be great if you could add a comment to this

After building an OPML proof of concept for federating book shelves, some remarks and questions w.r.t. the utility of OPML and RSS for this use case.

I created a proof of concept of a booklist in OPML, both human and machine readable, that can point to other people's lists as well for discovery.

Mise-en-scène, staged. Photo Ton Zijlstra, CC BY SA NC

During a 2015 visit to the Boymans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam, mentioned in the previous photo, for the 'Design Derby' exhibit, I took this photo. I printed it for the frames on my window sills, because I've always been hesitant in putting photos in frames around the house. It often feels staged to me when I encounter them in other people's homes, look who we met, lo

Lines at Boijmans, photo Ton Zijlstra license CC BY NC SA

Some years ago E and I visited Rotterdam for a weekend, and we also visited the Boijmans van Beuningen museum. This is a shot of their inner court yard, where the lines invite you to play.

The Boijmans is closed until 2026, while major renovations take place, and while they are building an amazing new structure next door that will serve as the new depot. A mirroring

Swans and bicyclesphoto Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA

Leaving the tiny Haarlem Spaarnwoude railway station, you cross over a water course that runs parallel to the tracks and the platform. On the bridge I looked straight down in 2006 and saw this composition. Bicycles dumped with their wheels aligned, juxtaposed with two swans feeding next to each other, or perhaps checking out what else got dumped in their habitat. Clouds re

In 2013 we spent the month of July in France, and one of our first stops was Orléans. We rented bicycles to cycle from the campground south of the Loire river to the city. As the cathedral dominated the skyline, we rode through fields of grain shimmering silvery and brightly in the burning sun as the wind blew through them, and bordered by bright red poppies. Having stopped to take some photos, I took this shot of E.

Now that we haven’t

A cellist in the garden of the Lousiana Museumphoto Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA

The Lousiana is a beautiful museum that we love visiting. Hidden in the landscape north of Copenhagen with a beautiful sculpture garden looking out over the sea. In October 2012 we enjoyed lovely sunlight at the end of the afternoon, strolling through the garden. A cellist had his picture taken, for a portret, poster or album sleeve I as

The lightened plane of conversationphoto Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA

During the same 2013 trip to Barcelona as yesterday's photo, I took this shot. My father and I were walking past the Barcelona Design Museum on our way to Torre Agbar. I took this photo through the windows at the front of the building, through to the other side of the building, where at the back of the museum people were sitting on the steps leading to a

Fatal Fakephoto Ton Zijlstra, license CC BY NC SA

Wherever I go I tend to take photos of street art that catches my eye. I like the random encounters with creative expression when you stroll through a city, and how they're add-ons to an environment that wasn't meant to welcome them. In March 2013 I visited Barcelona together with my father. Two years before his death but already ill he invited me on this city trip meant as an o

Ik nodig Nederlandstalige gebruikers uit voor de eerste Nederlandstalige Obsidian Meet-up, zaterdag 24 april 20:00. De link voor de meet-up is (mijn Jitsi-server).


after reading about #rdf and the idea it could be represented in xml / json / turtle notation / anything,

I feel like the real objective should be making schemas that validate the same data structures in any format, and treating those schemas/vocabularies as the actual data format

There's this little thing in the LinkedIn UI that keeps tripping me up, and that I find highly irritating.

My first reading of the yet to be published EU Regulation on the European Approach for Artificial Intelligence I find pretty good.

This sounds like a good decision, doesn't it @aral @Seirdy @amolith @seven ? : WP to block FLoC from v5.8. That should cover 40% or so of the open web. (which is !=ads) must die imo. Adtech is out of control and systematically breaking the law (GDPR)

I'm building a list of Digital Twin projects in progress in the EU. Both national level efforts, international within EU, and EU level ones. E.g. the Luxembourg national DT, or the EU's Destination Earth. I want to explore that list whether they cross-connect/complement each other, or a islands. Any URLs/pointers welcome. Which European digital twin projects are you aware of?

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