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obviously the vaccine does not contain a 5g tracking microchip. it contains strands of mRNA, the genetic blueprint which tells your cells how to make a 5g tracking microchip

Ik heb duidelijk het verkeerde geleerd van maandelijkse tests van hetluchtalarm: het ging net af, en ik denk automatisch 'ojee, 12:00 uur al'. Pas als mijn vrouw het zegt realiseer ik me: het is een uur te vroeg, en nog een paar seconden later pas: het is niet de 1e van de maand.

domino is a web tool for creating mind maps / thought collages / essays and sharing them as standalone web pages

check it out and gimme feedback

You'd think 8 months into Brexit shipping something as simple as a poster by mail(!) from the UK into the EU would be sorted. Nah, says Royal Academy museum, we don't ship anything to the EU at the mo, whatever it is. Solution: have it send to a friend both outside UK and EU, and have it forwarded to me. It's mail, just add us to the 'rest of world' category on your order form already!

Impressive work by noyb and Max Schrems! They're making a difference in how those GDPR banners are presented! 👏

"After sending a written warning and a “draft complaint” to more than 500 companies, 42% of all violations were remedied within 30 days"

On wanting to escape the lock-in the WP Post Kinds plugin causes by lifting the key piece of info and core building block of the web, the hyperlink to the thing I'm reacting to outside the body of the posting.

My lapsed Estonian e-Residency, and some numbers about the first batch of 2015 e-residents I was part of.

This exhibit on Doggerland in Leiden seems worth a visit, and reminds me of the Northland trilogy (specifically Stone Spring) by Stephen Baxter.

Reminder that it was British Petroleum that came up with the carbon footprint,and made everyone blame each other rather than fossil capitalism.

"This is one of the most successful, deceptive PR campaigns maybe ever" is a great project collecting GDPR decisions across the EU, run by Europe's leading GDPR activists. I've become a member of noyb, to help ensure their continued existence, and asked about volunteering for to help summarize Dutch GDPR decisions in English.

@neil getting a dbase connection error for your site at the moment

This was our second and final week vacationing in Copenhagen.

We spent a day together in Nørrebro, by bicycle, at the start of the week.

Tuesday we went to Tivoli where we found out that Y thoroughly enjoyed the rides. Meaning that, as she isn't tall enough yet to go on her own, E and I went on many more rides than we would have on our own. Friday we spent the entire day at Tivoli again, much to Y's joy. This happened as I

My 5yo was impressed with Sifan Hassan's 10k run gold on top of her other 2 running medals. So was I. I was also impressed with the drawing she made in celebration.

Inventing new error codes to account for human follies—like my own habit of linking to pages that don't yet exist


BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to GoodReads.

They've just opened their onboarding site at:

("Onboarding" is when you make it as easy as possible for people to join something.)

BookWyrm and its instances are currently still in beta testing, but you can join now if you want to try it out. Instances marked as "closed" mean you can join but you have to request an invitation.

#FediTips #Fediverse #GoodReads #BookWyrm

Such good fun to catch up with our friend Henriette over dinner tonight in CPH. As usual we came up with crazy plans, and talked about our lives and friends we missed seeing these past years. This is why I missed travel, not the tourism, but the connection to the people around the world we wove into the tapestry of our lives over the years.

@darius Hi Darius, oddly enough I find your Tiny Subversions feed in my reader today contains only postings from back in feb to dec 2015.

Is there a site somewhere that collects all DPA decisions and court verdicts related to across EU Member States?

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