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Groot nieuws!

Ik hoop dat prof. Jacobs en prof. van Dijck voortbouwen op de public spaces die er al zijn. Bij deze nog even het inventarisatierapport van Bluesky (Twitter) over het landschap van decentrale social media:

In 2019 bij een bijeenkomst in Brussel over de toekomst van de digitale wereld heb ik Mastodon al bij José van Dijck onder de aandacht gebracht. Dus ergens wel jammer dat ze zegt dat er geen alternatief is 😛


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@ceejbot It is only “cancelled” if it comes from the French region of Cancélle. Otherwise it’s just sparkling discontinuation.

@celia Good article. I like the idea of neighborhoods and wish I were on a Hometown fork, but hadn’t thought of them in relationship to Plus’s Circles.

What I was hoping Circles were when the came out — and would still like — is sort of the opposite direction. When I follow someone I want to be able to say “I’m interested in your tech stuff but not the sports stuff” or whatever. So rather than the author picking *who*, they pick a tag/category and I pick which to follow.

Running the Brexit Blockade: The Canadian Post could do what the UK Royal Academy of Arts seemingly couldn't do: send something to the EU. So my package went across the Atlantic twice, to cross the Channel once.

A week with almost no appointments with clients, and it was relatively slow paced, allowing me some time to write and blog.
This week I

took part in our team's weekly check-in on Monday
had the weekly meeting with one of my clients, where some had returned from their summer vacationing
did some reading up on the planned European data spaces, and the current status of the proposed EU Data Governance Act

The problem isn't "notoriety."

The problem is that WikiMedia Foundation won't permaban the bigots who run Wikipedia.

And when you call them out on it, they dissemble like they worked for Facebook.

Data driven working? More like drama driven working! said my colleague yday, and we laughed and nodded. True that.

obviously the vaccine does not contain a 5g tracking microchip. it contains strands of mRNA, the genetic blueprint which tells your cells how to make a 5g tracking microchip

Ik heb duidelijk het verkeerde geleerd van maandelijkse tests van hetluchtalarm: het ging net af, en ik denk automatisch 'ojee, 12:00 uur al'. Pas als mijn vrouw het zegt realiseer ik me: het is een uur te vroeg, en nog een paar seconden later pas: het is niet de 1e van de maand.

domino is a web tool for creating mind maps / thought collages / essays and sharing them as standalone web pages

check it out and gimme feedback

You'd think 8 months into Brexit shipping something as simple as a poster by mail(!) from the UK into the EU would be sorted. Nah, says Royal Academy museum, we don't ship anything to the EU at the mo, whatever it is. Solution: have it send to a friend both outside UK and EU, and have it forwarded to me. It's mail, just add us to the 'rest of world' category on your order form already!

Impressive work by noyb and Max Schrems! They're making a difference in how those GDPR banners are presented! 👏

"After sending a written warning and a “draft complaint” to more than 500 companies, 42% of all violations were remedied within 30 days"

On wanting to escape the lock-in the WP Post Kinds plugin causes by lifting the key piece of info and core building block of the web, the hyperlink to the thing I'm reacting to outside the body of the posting.

My lapsed Estonian e-Residency, and some numbers about the first batch of 2015 e-residents I was part of.

This exhibit on Doggerland in Leiden seems worth a visit, and reminds me of the Northland trilogy (specifically Stone Spring) by Stephen Baxter.

Reminder that it was British Petroleum that came up with the carbon footprint,and made everyone blame each other rather than fossil capitalism.

"This is one of the most successful, deceptive PR campaigns maybe ever"

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