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I replaced all (affiliate) links since 2002 to Amazon in my blog with links to author's sites, wikipedia, openlibrary, webarchive or publisher's pages. Thus further reducing 3rd party tracking in my blog.

Tracking #ExcessMortality across countries during the COVID-19 pandemic with the World Mortality Dataset

A really interesting article on #ExcessDeaths, which compares these numbers to estimates of COVID deaths and previous pandemics.

There are even countries with less deaths than normal, mostly because #COVID measures reduced #flu deaths. It shows how accurate the reported death numbers are.

They created a database, which will be maintained during the pandemic.

Drosophila, fruitflies, have little water content it seems. At least that is what I am led to conclude from today's empirical data. As I opened the door of the microwave to warm some soup for lunch a fruitfly followed the soup bowl into the device. I closed the door and started the device for 3.5 minutes at 600 Watts. As I opened the door to retrieve my soup the fruitfly flew out as well and continued its life unchanged. Here ends my lab jo

Study about the impact of open source software & hardware on technological independence, competitiveness and innovation in the EU economy - "The main breakthrough of the study is the identification of open source as a public good." 390 pages, free download

FOSS4GNL Call for Speakers tot 10 september! Dutch FOSS for Geo conference, call for speakers open until September 10th! ( Ik sprak in 2018 op FOSS4GNL (en in 16 op FOSS4G global), en dat was leuk. Hoop er dit jaar weer bij te zijn. Jij ook?

From Alexandra Elbakyan's Birbsite, 5th of September 2021:

"Today is #SciHub anniversary the project is 10 years old!

I'm going to publish 2,337,229 new articles to celebrate the date. They will be available on the website in a few hours (how about the lawsuit in India you may ask: our lawyers say that restriction is expired already)"

Hey #fediverse, are there any #solarpunk artists out there I should know about? If so, let's bring them out and shine some (natural) light on their art!

Groot nieuws!

Ik hoop dat prof. Jacobs en prof. van Dijck voortbouwen op de public spaces die er al zijn. Bij deze nog even het inventarisatierapport van Bluesky (Twitter) over het landschap van decentrale social media:

In 2019 bij een bijeenkomst in Brussel over de toekomst van de digitale wereld heb ik Mastodon al bij José van Dijck onder de aandacht gebracht. Dus ergens wel jammer dat ze zegt dat er geen alternatief is 😛


RT @janl
@ceejbot It is only “cancelled” if it comes from the French region of Cancélle. Otherwise it’s just sparkling discontinuation.

@celia Good article. I like the idea of neighborhoods and wish I were on a Hometown fork, but hadn’t thought of them in relationship to Plus’s Circles.

What I was hoping Circles were when the came out — and would still like — is sort of the opposite direction. When I follow someone I want to be able to say “I’m interested in your tech stuff but not the sports stuff” or whatever. So rather than the author picking *who*, they pick a tag/category and I pick which to follow.

Running the Brexit Blockade: The Canadian Post could do what the UK Royal Academy of Arts seemingly couldn't do: send something to the EU. So my package went across the Atlantic twice, to cross the Channel once.

A week with almost no appointments with clients, and it was relatively slow paced, allowing me some time to write and blog.
This week I

took part in our team's weekly check-in on Monday
had the weekly meeting with one of my clients, where some had returned from their summer vacationing
did some reading up on the planned European data spaces, and the current status of the proposed EU Data Governance Act

The problem isn't "notoriety."

The problem is that WikiMedia Foundation won't permaban the bigots who run Wikipedia.

And when you call them out on it, they dissemble like they worked for Facebook.

Data driven working? More like drama driven working! said my colleague yday, and we laughed and nodded. True that.

obviously the vaccine does not contain a 5g tracking microchip. it contains strands of mRNA, the genetic blueprint which tells your cells how to make a 5g tracking microchip

Ik heb duidelijk het verkeerde geleerd van maandelijkse tests van hetluchtalarm: het ging net af, en ik denk automatisch 'ojee, 12:00 uur al'. Pas als mijn vrouw het zegt realiseer ik me: het is een uur te vroeg, en nog een paar seconden later pas: het is niet de 1e van de maand.

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