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That's it for this year. No more work in 2021 (except a few final invoices to send). A day later than originally planned due to spreading out some work to accommodate the early school closure, but on the plus side, it could have been worse and already be Christmas Eve.

We are looking for an engaging storyteller with passion and creativity for building #communications assets and materials, to outreach a wide range of content to audiences around the world. Find out more and apply by January 30th!

@balrogboogie it's simply easier too.

I made a little bookmarklet called scihub-this, which finds the first DOI on the web page and looks it up on sci-hub. Seems to work fine on JSTOR too, and it's one click from web page to PDF:

javascript:window.location = "" + document.querySelector('a[href*=""]').href

Feel free to share it around, I hereby release it to the public domain under the CC 0 licence.

🚀 Alright fedi gang, do your magic. Looking for a junior #Django dev in the UTC+05:00 to UTC+08:00 timezone.

The company is a small biz, and isn't a total dumpster fire as far as treating you goes. I was quite pleasantly surprised, in fact. Fully remote.

Project is ~2 months in and a standard Django thingy.

You'll work with me. Feel free to check my site to get a sense of who I am. Happy to help you throughout your onboarding and beyond. Ask me questions on my XMPP/Telegram.


Deadline extended to 21 December - Tactical Tech’s “Exposing the Invisible” team is looking for consultants from the European Union who have training and curriculum expertise in the field of investigation,
research and data exploration.

The ECMWF has a few dozen jobs in #Bonn, #Reading and #Bologna for computer scientists, computer engineers and atmospheric scientists for #DestinationEarth.

The ECMWF makes the best long term weather predictions in the world because they are so good at combining observations with modelling. Now they move this into realm of climate on a big scale.

#Brexit #Fedijobs #jobs #Stellen #HPC

Dieser Artikel von Rena Tangens über 40 Jahre Datenschutzbewegung in Deutschland und ihre Motivation ist wirklich lesenswert. Gedruckt ist er auch in unserem Jahrbuch 2022 (gibt‘s im Buchhandel oder bei uns im Shop) enthalten.

Last week's GDPR/CCPA spam is a Princeton study but it's still very wrong. Careless selection, fake e-mails not declaring it's research, and worst ending with a legal threat that is a lie. Pleased with the responsiveness of the people at Radboud I approached about this, looking forward to Princeton responding to complaint as to what went wrong.

🇬🇧 Job offer: Apply now for the junior policy advisor position opening up in my Brussels office, with a focus on privacy and digital rights! Deadline: 15 January. More info:

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TIL: In an xml style sheet (xslt), testing for the existence of an attribute is not the same as testing whether an attribute has content.

Een gemeente die om een testenvoortoegang locatie vraagt.....bij de verkeerde Open Nederland, de vereniging nl, niet de stichting. De naamsverwarring blijft irritant en blijft tijd kosten.

Giving people "write access" is scary, and it shouldn't be.

For nerds git helps a lot:
* easily keep and sync full backups (with history)
* branch, review and merge
* monitor updates, review after-the-fact
* ... and when someone makes a mess, figure out what happened and fix it up

How do we design applications so we can give 'regular' users this power? Any projects that get this right?

Event Sourcing and CRDT's are promising building blocks, but we don't seem to have put them together yet.

An early morning feed reader item that made me go 'duh': Of course I should set my own starting page in my browser and replace the blank one I now have. Been running a localhost webstack for years for a series of small tools. Link to them from my browser startpage!

Can you help me find additional blogs to follow? I am looking to broaden the language and geogrpahic scope of blogs in my reader. See link for themes, languages, regions I'm interested in. Trying to break the anglosphere centricity in my reader.

🇬🇧 On 13/12 the IMCO committee will vote on the #DigitalServicesAct. According to the proposal the “do not track” browser setting would put an end to the cookie banner pest and stop surveillance ads! #surveillancecapitalism

Read on:

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RT @maxschrems
Our latest #AdventReading is a real bombshell: 🔥

Turns out @DPCIreland has tried to lobby #Facebook's "#GDPR bypass" into @EU_EDPB guidelines - but the other DPAs pushed back hard!

..but what would the #GhostOfChristmasPast say!? 🤔🎄👻

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