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Beautiful new Copernicus data service: ground motion monitoring. You can see the bounce back after the ice age in Scandinavia, the subsidence of houses in Groningen due to gas extraction. And my own home subsided 6mm since 2016.

We’re happy to announce our next steps in raising the bar for longevity: #Fairphone Easy! 💥 The sustainable smartphone for a monthly fee. Free repairs, maintenance and a 48 hour swap service. Available in the Netherlands for now…but watch this space! 😉

As I use K-9 on my Fairphone, and Thunderbird on my Mac, the news of them joining is of interest. I can see the match, but also Mozilla hasn't been great in maintaining its reputation. A consolidation at a moment where if anything we probably need much wider diversification.

an intruiging tell wrt Google's approach to ethics, in this Google statement. "He is a software engineer, not an ethicist". In other words, the engineer should not worry about ethics, they've got ethicists on the payroll for that. Worrying about ethics is not the engineer's job. That perception means you yourself can stop thinking about ethics, it’s been allocated, and you can just ta

Imagine if YouTube was shut down.

It would be a literal tragedy for the human race. Billions of hours worth of creativity would disappear in an instant.

"That would never happen!" some believe.

But it already has.

Remember Google+? All of it's gone forever.

Or remember all that media stored on MySpace? It's vanished.

We must stop depending on Big Tech to archive our data. Their mandate is to profit off our data, not preserve it.

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Today, the new European Union’s NGI0 Entrust fund –with a total budget of 9.6M€- opens its first call towards the communities of open sources and commoners for improving trust in the internet.

Congratulation to the team led by NLnet @NGIZero

We have a deal on the common charger! 🇪🇺

This means more savings for EU consumers and less waste for the planet:

🔌 mobile phones, tablets, cameras… will all use USB type C
🔌 harmonised fast-charging technology
🔌 unbundling of sale of chargers

#SingleMarket #DigitalEU

Some days are less stressful than others. Montenegro agrees with me. is spotting the opportunities, and preparing well for the EU Digital Markets Act, integrating Matrix for federation between instances.


This week the EU published a draft law mandating governments to open data in 6 thematic areas. In 2020 I was involved in a study to suggest the data sets to include. Now I'm taking a look at the results.

Dutch news today. We still have more bycicles per 100 people than guns in US per 100 people


It's finally here published today: the proposal for the EU High Value Data list. The list for the first time makes open data publication mandatory for government concerning (for now) 6 themes (geographic information, meteorology, mobility, statistics, earth observation and environment, and company information)

@chrisaldrich when you annotate what is according to a 'local file' is that a local file you read and annotate in your browser? Or are you posting to the API with annotations made some other way than the Hypothesis browser add-on?

Friends and my company are hosting a Village at May Contain Hackers 2022 this summer. Data ethics is the general theme, we'll put the 80s back into ethics, at the "80s Village". Join us / get involved!

N.a.v. berichten bij @defries @mbtsmn over het WordCamp Nederland mid-september, een voorstel voor een presa ingediend, over IndieWeb en mijn ervaringen als blogger daarmee. Er is nog plek voor meer sprekers en workshops, dien je WordPress gerelateerde voorstellen voor 1 juni in (volgende week woensdag).

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