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Sorry I’m Late, It Was Geo-Fencing! A friend had an unexpected walk to a wedding when his e-scooter geofenced range was reached.

Some jottings on using OPML blogrolls to include the blogrolls of bloggers I follow, as a means of discovery. Tried 3 outliner tools to see how they handle such OPML includes.

Are you aware of any open web work / uses / examples on/of the social graph? If so let me know!

Dave Winer adds markdown support to RSS. I wonder if this opens up new ways for me to connect my (markdown) notes locally to my website, or provide feeds from my notes to (selected) others. Need to explore and play with this a bit.

Horrifying account of what looks like scientific misconduct (possibly fraud). The whole theory of how Alzheimer's works and the lines of research to cure it may be grounded on false evidence for the last 15 years or so.

After this week I am on summer hiatus for a few weeks. I may post here or not, I'll see. It was a regular week, but with a focus on finishing some stuff, and otherwise avoiding new stuff until I will be back. Y was at home a few days, so that limited bot E's and my working time somewhat.

This week I

Did most of the monthly invoicing
Had to rebalance the week a bit, as Y was home ill for the first half
Participated in a

Some things I jotted down wrt semantic web and markdown. A random collection of first associations, not sure what to call a post like that, so named it Jottings.

easily made from the non-edible parts of plants, the plastic is tough, heat-resistant, and a good barrier to gases like oxygen, and degrades back to harmless sugars

PET-like plastic from waste biomass - EPFL
#plasticscrisis #ecotech

Dall-E mini suggests Holland's future will be like the now and the past, windmills and tulips. We're safe from whatever the future brings, as longs as we keep our clogs dry, it seems.

Some first musings and associations about Robin Sloan's Spring '83 proposal, and about what others have said about it the past few days.

I was mildly shocked that my own first instinctive answer to "easiest way to make a small site" is "write my own html in Notepad". That answer is almost 30 years old, it's how I made my very first web page. And handwriting html is still my first answer! It can't still be the answer, can it?

Public Spaces legt uit hoe ze hun conferentie met self-hosted open source tools organiseerden. Kudos aan @BjornW voor het geven van het juiste zetje. Ik hoor je nudges ook bij OpenNL, Björn, en je hebt gelijk.

If you happen to be in / near Brussels July 8th, 14:30-16:00 this session on the European Health Dataspace plans, discussing likely challenges w.r.t. agreement and differences across MS looks of interest.

Europeans will be able to measure the success of companies not just in financial terms but also on sustainability.

We welcome the political agreement between and to require large companies and listed SMEs reporting on sustainability.


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