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Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.

Each meeting an Ethics Moment? Like how the oil industry has 'safety moments' in meetings?

Great News. The Commission for Observation, infrastructure and information system (INFCOM) of the World Meteorological Organization has approved the plan for a *climate reference network*.

Its implementation plan is now part of the WMO Infrastructure Commission workplan.

Normally climatology piggy bags on the data from meteorological stations. This climate reference network will be designed to be as temporally stable as possible to better see changes in the climate. variable-variability.blogspot.

Today's issue of Tales from the Dork Web is especially 🔥

"The biggest con Silicon Valley ever pulled off was convincing us they’re masters of innovation. Netflix brought us digital movie distribution *cries in Bittorrent*. Apple introduced Music streaming to the world *laughs in Napster*. Facebook invented social media *no they didn’t*."

Prettige algemene ledenvergadering van Open Nederland. Ook de komende 2 jaren bestuurslid.

1995: "The internet sees censorship as damage, and routes around it."

2020: "One shitty company had a bad day, now nothing on the internet works."

Ah, progress.

If you use 3rd party network filters (like VPN clients or firewalls) on macOS, hold off on Big Sur. Pretty big hole that Apple's apps use and malware can use to bypass such tools using the new network filter system.

HT @lrvick & @TheGibson

Les Flandres vont offrir à chaque citoyen⋅ne un serveur Solid destiné à servir de domicile à leurs données personnelles, avec la possibilité de décider de partager ces données en fixant les modalités.

En Grande-Bretagne, une entreprise a créé une solution basée sur Solid permettant d’héberger son dossier médical et de contrôler l’accès à ses données de santé.

Bref, des usages concrets commencent à se dessiner, et c’est assez alléchant.

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So I installed a default Wordpress instance. Out of the box, Gutenberg does not save pages/postings, just endlessly says publishing/updating. Logfiles provide no real clue (only something about upstream buffering). Both the issue and the log warnings aren't mentioned in Activating the classic editor makes the issue disappear immediately. And I thought Gutenberg was meant to make WP easier for people?

Publishing a book in Roam, and/or a newsletter. I see the appeal and novelty, and the low friction step to process into your own PKM notes. But on the other hand, it's just hypertext sent out as a json blob.

Just finished giving my keynote presentation about variable fonts for #IndieWeb Camp East 2020! I built a web page that summarizes my talk, check it out at 🖖🏽

Tienduizenden gedupeerden, maar geen daders: zo ontstond de tragedie achter de toeslagenaffaire

Vrijwel iedereen – ministers, Kamerleden, ambtenaren, journalisten – deed wat je van ze zou verwachten, en juist daardoor liep alles mis.

Astonishing that we live in a world where "going viral" is a commonly used English expression, but people seem surprised to learn that actual viruses do this.

This #map shows the percentage of #female #researchers in Europe.
Germany, France and Netherlands have the lowest share of female researchers. It seems that they can learn from Albania, N. Macedonia and other Balkan nations how to reach "European standards".

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